chickpea & sausage stew

Chickpea + Sausage stew

oh, mid-autumn.
in most cases,
i can be found bundled up,
ensconced in lap blankets,
fingers tangled in yarn,
dw next to me reading
or perusing the internet.
upon the early setting of the sun
there isn’t much that can
inspire us to be out
in the dark,
not when we can be snuggling
and noshing on comforting fares,
mostly of the sweet variety.

Chickpea + Sausage stew

now that the cold has settled,
permanently it seems,
my cooking leans towards
the measured and lazy.
this is the time i tend
to slow down my pace,
finding comfort in a pot of soup,
a pot that feeds us for a week straight,
the kind of dish that
warms us through and through,
sometimes even coercing me
off the couch for seconds.

Chickpea + Sausage stew

chickpea & sausage stew
serves 6-8

*note: this is a soup that we are having for lunch this week. the whole having a huge pot of soup on the stove on sunday to feed us during the week has been such a relief for me, not having to worry about packing lunches. the repetition hasn’t gotten to us, yet, and hopefully it won’t, because seriously, lunch during the work week is my least fave meal to deal with.

olive oil
1 large onion, chopped
1-2 lbs Italian sausage, thawed and casings removed
2 TBL tomato paste
1/2 cup flat-leaf parsley, roughly chopped
4 cups homemade chicken stock, or leftover water that cooked the garbanzo beans, or combo of both
1 1/2 cups dried garbanzo beans, soaked at least 8 hours, cooked until tender, reserving water
head of kale, washed and rough chopped
1/4 cup of teeny tiny pasta, like acini di pepe (optional)
kosher salt and pepper

heat the oil in a large pot over medium heat. saute onions until soft & translucent.

throw in the sausage and cook, crumbling it with a wooden spoon, until browned.

add in the tomato paste and parsley, cook for a few minutes.

add in the liquids, along with the garbanzo beans. bring to a boil.

throw in the kale, allow to simmer for about 20-30 minutes.

if using, add in the acini di pepe.

season to taste.


Chickpea + Sausage stew

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za’atar socca + middle eastern smashed avocado

za'atar socca + smashed avocado

we’ve been travelling
these last few weeks,
with just two more trips
before the year is out.
as with tripping
there’s been eating
and with eating
there’s been the lament
about expanding waistlines
spending of money
lack of time to be bums.
for all our desires to
be elsewhere
there is just something about
being home.

last weekend
we were in ky
and one of the many, many
delightful dishes
we consumed
was a pita + crushed avocado appetizer
at a local middle eastern
it’s simple, really.
with a Mediterranean twist.
rather than chips,
it’s served with pita bread.
my version is with socca
topped with za’atar.

za'atar socca + smashed avocado

za’atar socca + middle eastern smashed avocado
inspired by grapeleaf
socca adapted from dolly & oatmeal

1 cup garbanzo bean flour
1 cup lukewarm water
4 TBL olive oil, divided
healthy dash of za’atar, for the batter and after baked

preheat oven 450F
prepare two 8″ cake pans by drizzling 1 TLB of olive oil in each. set aside.

in a mixing bowl, or glass measuring cup with a lip, mix all the ingredients and remaining olive oil.

pour batter evening into prepared pans. bake for 12 minutes. remove pans and carefully flip the socca over. bake for additional 3-4 minutes.

allow to cool completely before removing from pan. smear with a bit of olive oil and sprinkle, generously, with the za’atar. if you’re up to it, toast until just warmed through and crispy around the edges.

smashed avocado
2-3 ripe avocados
5-6 chive blossom stalks (or you can use half a small red onion, diced)
bunch of cilantro, rough chopped
handful cherry tomatos, halved or quartered
1 garlic, finely minced
healthy squeeze of lime
salt/pepper to taste
seed of half pomegranate

in a bowl, thoroughly mix all the ingredients. you’re aiming for a guacamole-type of concoction.


za'atar socca + smashed avocado

confab | current reads


“poor boy. with a name like atticus, every word he utters ought to be inspired and wise, spoken with a voice that compels all within earshot to sit up and listen. i wonder how disappointed atticus’s parents must be. such a noble and lofty name full of great expectations, and they end up with a heavyset boy with a prominent brow and underdeveloped frontal lobe who says “um” a lot and scratches himself in the cafeteria.”
-steve brezenoff, guy in real life

“i may not be old but i’m too old to have this much nothing.”
-jonathan topper, this is where i leave you

“it is an impressively arrogant move to conclude that just because you don’t like something, it is empirically not good. i don’t like Chinese food, but i don’t write articles trying to prove it doesn’t exist.”
-tiny fey, bossypants

“he sighed. it was a long sigh, weary and worldly-wise. the kind of sigh you could picture god heaving after six days of hard work and looking forward to some serious cosmic r&r, only to be handed a report by an angel concerning a problem with someone eating an apple.”
-neil gaiman & michael reaves, interworld

“​knowing what i know now, it is difficult to describe what it was like, loving Ray. years ago a recovering crystal meth addict spoke at my son’s school. she said that even after ten years clean, she still missed the way it felt to have that deadly substance in her veins. still, life without the drug felt, sometimes, like a lesser thing. a sad though necessary comedown. listening to her speak in that auditorium filled with my fellow concerned parents, sitting next to my good husband with whom i’d lived at that point for close to twenty years, the image of Ray’s face was all i could see, and a wave of grief and longing overtook me, so strong i had to cover my eyes. even after all that time.”
-joyce maynard, the good daugthers

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what have you been reading?

elephant march pumpkin

Elephant March Pumpkin Carving

super super super quick post.
because i’m on vacation.
and i’m shoving a bunch of halloween candy in my face.
one of my favoritest canucks
brought back one of her contests,
that i like to lose at,
and you better believe
i made dw do all the work
and i’m gonna claim all the glory.

like i said,
this is a contest,
head over to movita beaucoup
and vote for the best pumpkin carving.

Elephant - pumpkin carvin

happy halloween friends!

inside out peanut butter cups – raw & vegan

Inside Out Peanut Butter Cups

i’m fairly sure that when
i scaled back my dairy intake
my soul shrank a little
at the thought of never having
peanut butter cups again.
i truly believed i’d never eat them again,
at least not with dire consequences.
that is,
until i discovered justin’s ,
and then i tried my hand
at making them.
all was right with the world.
now i just eat spoonfuls of peanut butter
and shove chocolate chips in my mouth
and call it a day.
it’s called natural progression, friends.

Inside Out Peanut Butter Cups

halloween is at the end of the week
are you dressing up?
i think i am,
i’m pretty sure i am.
either way,
these are going to be around
and i’m going to shove them in my mouth.
breakthrough, y’all.

Inside Out Peanut Butter Cups

inside out peanut butter cups – vegan
raw, 4 ingredients
makes 6

PB layer
6 TBL creamy peanut butter, i use the wegman’s organic brand
4 TBL coconut oil, liquid but not hot
3 TBL powdered sugar

chocolate layer
4 TBL chocolate spread, i used SOOM‘s chocolate sesame butter
1 generous TBL powdered sugar

for the PB layer, mix everything in a bowl. make sure it’s fully incorporated. pour about 2 tsp of the mixture into silicone cupcake liners (if you use paper, put them in muffins so that they keep their shape). put in fridge to firm up, about 30 minutes. if you’re in a rush, put in freezer.

meanwhile, make the chocolate layer by mixing the chocolate spread with the powdered sugar. the consistency will be firmer than that of the pb, it’ll be almost like play doh.

when ready, take the cups out and add the chocolate layer. you can spread it out to make distinct layers, or keep the edges clear so that the pb can be poured over it to cover. up to you.

add the final layer of PB over top and fridge. when firm, take out of liners and serve immediately or keep in covered container, IN THE FRIDGE. these are not shelf stable and will soften at room temp.


i received a jar of chocolate sesame butter, courtesy of SOOM. all words & opinions are my own.

Inside Out Peanut Butter Cups