crochet | broomstick lace infinity cowl

Broomstick Lace Infinity Cowl

we lived in the same dorm,
but it wouldn’t be until 2nd semester that we’d meet.

He either wants a cake or MY cake. ​

delta chi parties were never the same
after we met.
cream of tomato soup + grilled cheese
was Our Jam.

i’m officially tired of first day of school pics on facebook.
most of the kids aren’t even cute.

we rocked out to RAY OF LIGHT
for weeks.
we counted pennies to determine
if we could afford cover to bars.

every time i eat strawberries i hope that
richard gere busts through my door to find me flossing.

we have a devote love
for the Lord of the Rings,
Pride & Prejudice,
and snarking.

sometimes i don’t ask someone to do a simple favor for me
because i don’t feel like saying thank you.

most of our texting
and emails revolve around
cake decorations,
running schedules,
and how big our asses have grown since we were 18.

are you still sprinkling salt on your foods like you’re Tyler Florence?
he likes to hold his hand up real high and do it.
i wish he’d sprinkle my cookie.

i’m late this year
with my holiday/birthday/anniversary gift
for BigK.
something like creative blocks
but mainly laziness
kept me from putting this in the mail for her.
as it happens, it’s cold as shit right now,
even in the dirty south,
she has plenty of time to make use of this cowl.

that’s just silliness. i like kids. i’ve been around them for most of my life. but they do NOT belong at every setting. when i go to a party i don’t want to have to watch my mouth because little sally cream puff might hear me say f*ck balls.

Broomstick Lace Infinity Cowl

broomstick lace infinity cowl
yarn used: Lang Yarns, SOL DÉGRADÉ in color: 783.0079
crochet hook: H hook

*note: you want to do multiples of four + one for the turning chain (using a turning chain allows you to retain the same # stitches).
**note: i tried to find the video that i used to learn how to make this stitch, without the assistance of a broomstick or thick knitting needle, but i can’t find it. you can certainly google for video assistance, just know that the directions are different from what i have described below.

row 1: chain 28 + 1 for turning chain
row 2: single stitch across starting at stitch 2nd from the hook. (you should end up with 28)
row 3: chain 1 but draw the loop through until it’s about an inch (keep this loop on hook). insert hook into next chains and repeat, you will end up with 28 1″ loops on your hook. carefully remove hook and turn.
row 4: insert hook through 4 loops, single crochet on those 4 loops 4x. do that for the entire row, you should up with 7 sets of 4 loops. chain 1 (turning chain) and turn.
row 5: single crochet across. (you should end up with 28). chain 2 (turning chain) and turn.
row 6: single crochet across. (you should end up with 28). chain 2 (turning chain) and turn.
row 7 and beyond: repeat row 3 – 6 until reach desired length.

this can be a scarf or to make into a cowl, sew the ends together. i twisted once before sewing the ends. if you’re feeling fancy, have at it.


Broomstick Lace Infinity Cowl

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apple molasses cookies

Apple Molasses Cookies

to combat the cold
that has permeated the east coast
turn your ovens on.
create bread.
make soup.
roast something.
bake cookies!

these warm gems are a riff on a dear friend’s
recipe, shared years ago,
now recreated.

for the full recipe, go here.

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lentil tacos – vegan

Lentil Tacos

we haven’t been to the market
in weeks.
grabbing toilet paper
that one time
last week doesn’t count.
dw & i discussed a pantry purge,
cooking with what we had
left on the shelves
in the fridge
in the freezer.
in part to save money,
but mainly to see if we can.
in many ways it’s limiting —
dried beans, rice, and spices
can get you so far.
but there’s a challenge in there —
making dried beans, rice and spices
taste good can stretch one’s creativity.

while planning for market day
to replenish the pantry,
to focus on a proper meal plan
we face yet another dynamic to our situation:
the challenge AND excitement
of re-stocking
the shelves
the fridge
the freezer.
it’s a nice problem to have, yes?

Lentil Tacos

lentil tacos
makes a week’s worth of dinner aka serves two for 5 nights

*note: this is something that we’ve made for a number of years, especially during the height of summer csa vegs. toppings and add ins are interchangeable. we’ve had it with soft and hard tacos, we’ve had it with and without cheese, it’s whatever is available that season, or in our case, in our pantry!
**note: the taco seasoning is based off of alton brown’s #19 taco potion that we quadruple and keep in a jar.

homemade taco seasoning:
1 TBL ground chipotle peppers
1 tsp paprika
1 tsp cumin
1/2 tsp oregano
1/4 tsp cayenne pepper
1/2 tsp corn starch
1/2 tsp salt

1 cup dried lentils, soaked overnight
half onion, diced
2 garlic cloves, minced
1-2 carrots, diced
1 red bell pepper, diced (this is hit or miss, depending if in season)
2 TBL olive oil
2-3 TBL of taco seasoning, recipe above

add ins etc:
tortilla wraps or taco shells
arugula or shredded cabbage
shredded cheese (sometimes we use daiya vegan cheese if we’re feeling fancy)
avocado, diced or sliced
pickled vegs (once we added pickled turnips and it was DIVINE)
sliced peppers

to make the taco seasoning, just add all the ingredients in a jar and shake. will keep for about a month, though truth be told, longer.

when ready to prepare meal, discard the water the lentils were soaked in and rinse.

in a big pan or pot, heat up some olive oil. when sufficiently warmed, add in the onions and garlic. allow the onions to get translucent. add in the carrots and red bell peppers and stir to evenly mix and coat. last add in the lentils and again, mix it around to coat everything in oil.

per your taste buds and preference, add in the taco seasoning. sometimes i do more, sometimes i do less (it’s less when we’re finishing the jar). mix through. add in enough water to just barely cover the lentils.

keep heat at medium low and allow to gently simmer until most of the liquid has been absorbed, stirring occasionally. check on the softness of the lentils, if it’s still got bite, add more water and cook for longer. my cook time varies anywhere from 30 minutes – 45 minutes, i just check every 5 minutes. also check taste, there is salt in the taco seasoning but you may want to add more to your preference.

it’s done when the liquid has been absorbed and the lentils and carrots are soft.

serve on tortilla wraps or in taco shells and top to your heart’s content.


Lentil Tacos

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Carne Rustida de Navidad

Carne Rustida de Navidad

i had this meal
the first time in barcelona
4 years ago.
it was a trip that almost didn’t happen
due to snow in england,
i shed more tears that day
than when i tended to
my disappointed heart that year.

we have tentative plans
for a spain trip soonish
there’s also talk of
taking spanish classes.
in the meantime,
we have this to tide us over.

this was our first supper
in 2015.
to many more sweet, delicious
meals this year.

Carne Rustida de Navidad

Carne Rustida de Navidad
adapted from nuria’s aunt trini

*note: like most recipes handed down by family or people who don’t typically follow/write recipes, what i received was not very detailed (but, did have at least measurements). i’ve made this dish a handful of times, each time differently depending on pantry items and what was in season. what i’ve listed below is what i made this time around and what you see in the pictures in this post.

2 lb chicken, chopped into 6 pieces
10 sundried tomatoes that were packed in olive oil, or 2 big tomatoes, rough chopped
1 big onion, rough chopped
6-7 pickled garlic cloves, homemade, or fresh is fine
1 generous tsp tomato paste, homemade
1/3 cup of brandy (white wine or cognac would work too)
1/2 bag of dried prunes
very generous handful of pine nuts
2 TBL bacon fat, or coconut oil or olive oil

in a heavy bottom pot, on medium-high, heat up bacon fat or whatever fat oil using. add in the sundried tomatoes, along with any oil it was packed in. (the original recipe called for 1/2 cup of olive oil, i did not use that much oil). mix in the garlic and onions and sautee, for at least 5 minutes. spoon everything out into a bowl, leaving behind the oil/fat.

in the left behind oil/fat, brown the chicken pieces. do this in batches, do not crowd the pot, you’ll just end up steaming the meat. you’re aiming for a golden hue on either side. when all the meat has been browned, lay them all in the pot as close together as possible. put the sauteed onion/tomato/garlic mixture back into the pot, fill in the nooks & crannies, smothering the meat on top.

lower heat to low-medium. add in the tomato paste and brandy (or wine or cognac), and water (or stock) until the entire thing is submerged. allow to simmer until half the liquid has evaporated (about 45 minutes – 1 hour) at that point, add in the prunes and pine nuts. raise temp to medium and allow to simmer until most of the liquid is gone, about another 20 minutes.

serve with rice or crusty bread. excellent the next day.


Carne Rustida de Navidad

other chicken stews/soups:
phở gà – vietnamese chicken noodle soup
Portuguese Chicken Curry with Chorizo + Olives

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twenty fifteen

me + ele

over the holidays iworked. not very glamorous, i know.

my favorite moment of 2014 wasthailand. walking with the elephants. 

my new year’s resolutions arekiss my husband more. poor guy, his face will be even more lips-mottled. perfect the cinnamon raisin challah. train for 3 half-marathons (!!).

please, let there be peace this coming 2015.

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