calamansi olive oil bread

Calamansi Olive Oil Bread

some weekends ago,
maybe it was two ago,
i had brunch with some of dw’s friends
i remember it was a blustery day
warm in the sunlight
cold in the shade
the kind of weather you felt
silly for toting a jacket
but foolish without a scarf

these friends of dw’s
had just returned from a jaunt out west
where they picked calamansi fruit
from their father’s tree
and shared with me
just the smell of these tiny citrus fruits
took me back to the time
i lived in manila
when my nanny made fresh calamansi juice everyday
a drink that wasn’t quite like lemonade
but had all the components to quench a thirst
that only childhood and tropical heat can produce

because our home now is nothing like
the heat the Philippines is known for
i like to utilize the oven much more often
than is necessary in the cooler months
there is always something to bake,
you know?
a cake
roasting veggies
any reason at all to turn that knob
and so with that in mind
after a whirlwind 2 days in Charlotte
last weekend,
before the calamansi could go bad,
i used them in some breakfast cakes
to add a touch of sour and sweet
and all good things reminiscent of
the tropics
these cakes were born.

edit to add: felicia of dish by dish adapted this recipe, found here.

Calamansi Olive Oil Bread

calamansi olive oil bread
adapted from gourmet traveller, Sept 2011 issue

makes 12 mini loaves

300 g sugar
3 eggs
1 cup almond milk (any milk, animal or otherwise)
1 cup extra virgin olive oil
juice 11 calamansi (that’s how many i had… alternatively, you can use juice of 3 lemons)
2 cups plain flour
1 tbsp baking powder

preheat oven to 350F

in kitchen aid mixer, beat sugar, eggs and pinch of salt until thickened

combine the almond milk, olive oil and calamansi juice, mix. slowly add to egg mixture. add in the dried ingredients

divide among greased tins (i used my mini loaf pans, though i think cupcake/muffin tins would be fine, or just one loaf pan, but the baking time would be different).

bake for 13 minutes

allow to cool before removing from tins

serve warm or at room temp

best eaten day of, with coffee or tea, or if you can’t possibly eat them all in one sitting, wrap well in plastic wrap, will keep for the week in fridge

makes 12 mini loaves – calories: 259 | total fat: 19.6g | saturated fat: 2.9g | cholesterol: 40.9mg | sodium: 24.6mg | total carbs: 16.9g | dietary fiber: 0.7g | sugars: 0.2g | protein: 4.1g

Calamansi Olive Oil Bread

20 thoughts on “calamansi olive oil bread

  1. These look gorgeous. I have become acutely aware of a baking compulsion coming on as well. It is already quite disturbing. This weekend started off with an impulse Friday night chocolate challah, and continued into the purchase of a cookbook from the baker at my favourite local cafe, which meant that lava cakes and cookies ensued. My first attempt at avogolmeno (sp?) happened, and then some homemade pasta got “whipped up” for a vegetarian (lentil) lasanga. This is problematic, right?

    1. so, i’ve been reading up various breads baked in normal loaf pans and their bake time range anywhere from 30 minutes – 1 hour. i would say to aim to check at around the 35 minute mark and then check every 5-10 minutes until you reach desired doneness.

  2. Oh! These tiny cakes are just beautiful.

    I so enjoy your writing, Lan. And learning of all the places you’ve lived/visited! Also, I agree on turning on that oven as often as possible 🙂

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