sides & salads & soups

3 bean chili – vegan, gluten free
african chicken stew – gluten free
asparagus & scrambled egg salad – vegetarian
autumn harvest soup – dairy free
bánh canh cua – Vietnamese Udon Noodle Soup – gluten free
bouillon cubes – how to
bread & butter pickles – vegan, gluten free, condiment
butternut squash & pearl barley risotto – dairy free
crunchy celery salad – vegan & gluten free
curried broccoli & cheese soup – lactose free, gluten free, vegetarian
feijoada – dairy free, gluten free
garlic panna cotta + curried root vegetable soup – vegan, gluten free
ginger + tumeric latte – vegan, gluten free
green tomato & mint chutney – vegan
homemade ricotta cheese – lactose free
lamb larb
lemongrass chicken & rice soup – gluten free
mango pomegranate guacamole – vegan
miso hummus topped with seaweed furikake – gluten free, vegan
pickled beets – vegan
pickled jalapeno – vegan, condiment
pickled mustard seeds – vegan, condiment
roasted bone marrow
sausage corn chowder – gluten free, dairy free
soup dumplings – gluten free
spinach salad + baked falafel balls – lactose free, certain components gluten free & vegan
summer greens vichyssois + spicy mint sauce – vegan, gluten free
spicy cantaloupe salad
summer salsa – vegan, gluten free, dip
za’atar socca + middle eastern smashed avocado – gluten free, vegan