baingan bharta (eggplant dip) – indian, vegan, gluten free
bánh canh cua – Vietnamese Udon Noodle Soup – vietnamese, gluten free
bánh cướn chay – vietnamese, vegan, gluten free
bento – japanese
bibimbap – korean, vegan, gluten free
bò kho – vietnamese, gluten free
chả trứng thịt hấp – vietnamese, gluten free
cháo cá kho (rice porridge + caramel braised fish)– vietnamese, gluten free
chilled somen noodles with cold mushroom broth – vegetarian
chinese egg tarts – chinese, lactose free
coconut egg curry – vegetarian, dairy free, indian
crunchy celery slaw – vegan & gluten free
curried broccoli & cheese soup – lactose free, gluten free, vegetarian
gochujang sloppy joes – korean, american
hot pot + condiments – dairy free, asian
grass jelly + chia seeds – vegan, gluten free, asian
japanese style beef stew, Wahu Beaf Sichu – gluten free, dairy free, japanese
japchae – korean, vegan & gluten free
jasmine tea + mango jelly – vegan, gluten free, beverage
lamb larb – thai
lychee jelly hearts – asian in general, dessert, dairy & gluten free
mapo tofu – chinese, gluten free, vegan
miso hummus topped with seaweed furikake – gluten free, vegan, asian + mediterranean
miso ramen bowl – chinese & japanese
mohinga – fish noodle soup – gluten free, burmese
peshawari naan – indian, vegan
pickled carrots & daikon – vietnamese, gluten free, dairy free
phở gà, chicken noodle soup – vietnamese, gluten free, dairy free
quinoa sushi roll – vegan, glutenfree, japanese
red lentil curry – indian, vegan
salt & pepper shrimp – vietnamese, glutenfree
savory sticky rice – gluten free
seaweed sushi bites – gluten free, japanese
somen noodle bowl – vegan, asian
soup dumplings – chinese, gluten free
soy sauced chocolate chip cookies – dessert, dairy free
spicy korean chicken stew – dak-bokkeum-tang – korean
thai iced tea – beverage
thai popsicles: lemongrass & kaffir lime blueberry + ginger coconut – ice cream, vegan
tofu gyoza – vegan, gluten free, all sorts of asian
vermicelli noodle bowl – vietnamese, gluten free, dairy free

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