2 ingredient chocolate mousse – dairy free, glutenfree
6″ chocolate cake + chocolate frosting – vegan
apple almond tart – lactose fre
apple cider magic cake – lactose free
blueberry almond blondies – gluten free, dairy free
blueberry breakfast cookies – vegan
blueberry clafoutis – dairy free
blueberry jam danishes – vegan
blueberry slab pie – lactose free
blueberry pie smoothie – vegan
blueberry swirl macaroons – gluten free, dairy free
blueberry swirl muffins – dairy free
brownie cookies – dairy-doom
brownie s’mores – gluten free, dairy free
carrot cake – vegan
cayenne chocolate ice cream – lactose free, gluten free
checkerboard checkerboard pâte sablée – lactose free
chinese egg tarts – chinese, lactose free
chocolate babka rolls – dairy free
chocolate chip cookie dough + coffee ice cream – gluten free, vegan
chocolate chip cookies with sesame topping – vegan
chocolate chip peanut butter cookies – gluten free, dairy free
chocolate + coconut macaroons – dairy free, glutenfree
chocolate covered popsicles – lactose free, glutenfree
chocolate espresso dacquoise – gluten free, lactose free
chocolate ginger molasses cookies – vegan
chocolate meringue kisses – gluten free, dairy free
chocolate tahini cake + rosemary infused buttercream – lactose free
chocolate wonderfuls – dairy free, lactose free
CMP – chocolate, marshmallow fluff, peanuts ice cream – ice cream is vegan, gluten free
citrus curd mille feuilles – dairy free, lactose free
citrus-pistachio scones – gluten free, dairy free
coconut peppermint patties – vegan, gluten free
coffee chocolate chip ice cream – lactose free
dark molasses pear bread – dairy free
flan – dairy free, gluten free
gingerbread cake – vegan
grass jelly + chia seeds – vegan, gluten free, asian
homemade thin mints – full on dairy doom
inside out peanut butter cups – raw and vegan
jasmine tea + mango jelly – vegan, gluten free, beverage
kefir scones – lactose free
lychee jelly hearts – dairy & gluten free
meringue cups + mango curd – gluten free, lactose free
mereingue roulade with chocolate shavings & salty-sweet peanuts – gluten free, lactose free
meyer lemon bars – dairy free, lactose free
minty milano cookies – full on dairy doom and gluten
minty snow cake – lactose free
NY style chesese cake – full on dairy doom and gluten
oatmeal creme pie cookies – dairy free, lactose free
orange & olive oil cake – dairy free, lactose free
pear-apple yogurt crumb cake – gluten free, dairy free
peach ginger scones – vegan
peppermint chocolate chip ice cream – lactose free
cranberry swirl mini loaves – vegan
pb + chocolate cakelettes – dairy free
quinoa chocolate cake – gluten free, dairy free
raspberry-coconut chia pudding – vegan, gluten free
raw blueberry coconut tart + nut crust – vegan, gluten free
red wine poached pears – gluten free, vegan
s’mores donuts – dairy free, baked
s’mores pound cake – lactose free
snickerdoodles – gluten free, dairy free
soy sauced chocolate chip cookies – dairy free
spice poached pears – vegan, gluten free
spiced coconut pecan ice cream – dairy free, gluten free
spiced mexican cookies – dairy free
strawberry ice cream cookie sandwiches – lactose free
strawberry sweet biscuit – vegan
strawebrries + cream pavlova – dairy doom, gluten free
strawberry ice cream + almond waffle cones – gluten free, dairy free
strawberries + kefir popsicles – lactose free, gluten free
tangerine ice cream – gluten free, lactose free
thai iced tea – beverage
thai popsicles: lemongrass & kaffir lime blueberry + ginger coconut – ice cream, vegan
“where the wild things are” smash cake – boxed
white cake – dairy free