Raspberry-Coconut Chia Pudding

Raspberry Coconut Chia Pudding

somehow we find ourselves
smack dab in the middle of june
ridiculously tangled up with
the Whole30 diet.
it seemed like the right time:
our csa started
nuria moved back to ca
it’s the month before our beach vacation

i’m not going to paint a pretty –
or ugly – picture.
it’s not painful,
we just don’t like being limited
and we miss the rice and bread and pasta acutely
but the guidelines are pretty in line with
our lifestyle already.
except for the coffee + sugar + creamer
and cereal
and sweets
ok. fine. whatever,
this isn’t the funnest.
but it’s not dire either.

since we’re not kick starting summer
with the usual smoothies
i needed to come up with something
equally delightful & cooling.
enter the chia pudding phenom.
it’s everywhere, chia seeds is the new kale.
and like, kale,
i really like chia seeds.

Raspberry Coconut Chia Pudding>

raspberry-coconut chia pudding
makes enough for 2

*note: chia seed is technically compliant to Whole30 but it should be consumed judiciously so i’ve only made this twice, i’ll likely make it a few more times before the diet is over, and will definitely make it often this summer, using whichever berries and fruits are in season.
**note: made it recently with strawberries + lemon juice and it was ridiculously delightful.

1 very generous cup raspberries, fresh or thawed
3 TBL chia seeds
juice of half grapefruit
3-4 each raw almonds and cashews, rough chopped
3-4 TBL unsweetened dried coconut flakes
few sprigs of mint, chiffonade or torn

in a bowl place the raspberries in and with a fork smash them. they don’t have to be all smashed, texture is good. add in the juice of half grapefruit and the chia seeds. mix through so that chia seeds don’t clump. set aside for 30 minutes in the fridge, or overnight.

when ready to eat, divvy up in two dishes/cups/glasses/jars and top with the chopped nuts, coconut flakes and mint.


Raspberry Coconut Chia Pudding

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8 thoughts on “Raspberry-Coconut Chia Pudding

  1. That looks so good and refreshing. I’m so interested in your thoughts from the other side of this. I lovee benefits if chia and I love how you use mint here. Perfect for summer with a touch of sweet. Report back! I’m so making this. And time flies right?

  2. That looks nice and refreshing for summer. If I did that Whole30 I would miss rice and pasta too. However I just went to the website and it looks very interesting, I might consider doing it at some point, when I will be at home for 30 days in a row (which is virtually impossible to figure out when). Have a great day! x

  3. I’ve heard mixed things about Whole30 but I’m not down with how restrictive it is–while I like the idea of eating more vegetables, I don’t want to have to be sweating the kinds of oils I use or other condiments when I cook, and I would be a mess if I couldn’t get my yogurt. (I’m very much like Terry Jeffords from Brooklyn Nine-Nine in that I LOVE yogurt.) But I’m glad you’re enjoying it for the most part!

    1. the RICE! i never realized how much i relied on rice for my existence. i realized about a week in that i’m not disciplined enough to CARE about the particulars like condiments and oils, especially when dining out. we’re still avoiding dairy, soy and gluten, so i think we’re ok. i just had to have rice, i was hungry all the day, every day!

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