hello. this space is a work in progress. i’m slowly adding and subtracting stuff. beyond the about section this is the normal bits of information about the blog, myself and whatever else would tickle someone’s fancy to ask.

why “morestomach”?
it’s dw’s online handle and i think it’s a Simpson’s reference. i personally don’t watch or even like the show (although, i can appreciate its smart writing and longevity) but the nickname certainly describes dw well: he is always hungry, always willing to eat what i make and yet somehow retain his lanky frame.

what camera do you use?
i use a Nikon D3000 Nikon D750 with AF Nikkor 50mm f/1.8D lens and AF-S NIKKOR 85mm f/1.8G lens. for rare landscape shots i might share here, i use the kit lens, AF-S DX 18-55mm lens. (i would like to upgrade to something more advanced) i do minimal post editing & watermarking in PicMonkey, although i have aspirations to finally learn lightroom. for any instagram shots i use a samsung galaxy 3 phone. i also make use of a tripod, which is invaluable for those shots that require me to hold up white boards to bounce the light while simultaneously holding dw back from eating the food before the perfect shot has been captured.

can i sponsor, guest post or advertise on your blog?
no. that makes it all seem like work and this is not work for me. this is not a revenue generating space. when i did ads on my previous blog it became tedious and i stopped enjoying myself. maybe. holler at me. morestomachblog @ gmail.com

you talk often about living overseas, why were you living abroad?
my parents were employed in the foreign services and i became a Third Culture Kid. sometimes i miss the nomadic lifestyle & regret not going into the foreign services myself, but then other times, i’m happy to be able to say that lived in one town/city/state/country for more than 2 consecutive years. plus, i don’t miss the packing and unpacking.

what do you mean when you say you are dairy free but you still post dairy doom stuff here?
i’m lactose intolerant and have mild IBS. i’m still learning about my body and what triggers stomachaches. taking dairy out of my diet has really improved my quality of life, but there are other factors that can cause me discomfort. but i share my life with someone who is not a lactard and is somehow capable of eating pretty much anything. he indulges in my vegan and dairy free baking, but he does miss the full on dairy doom that milk and cream and butter can provide a luscious dessert, and so i cater to his needs sometimes. it’s not a hardship for me and it provides me with variety of ingredients to play with.

does dw cook and bake too?
yes. i’m a lucky girl. he is quite adept in the kitchen and although we have different styles, it’s always fun to work alongside him by the stove. he typically handles the pie crusts while i make the cakes and we make cookies together. (that is not a euphemism for something dirty)

is this blog your job?
as mentioned before, this is not a revenue generating space. i have a 40 hour/week job as a corporate recruiter. sometimes i do a catering gig here & there but i am very selective of the project. if you are local and interested in rates, you can contact me at morestomachblog @ gmail dot com.

i tried your recipe and it didn’t work/tasted like poop butter. what’s up with that?
that sucks and is unfortunate. i will tell you that your poop butter might be my idea of what tastes good. just kidding, that sentence just made me gag.
i’m sorry. a lot of things could’ve happened. i may have written up the recipe vaguely/incorrectly/like an assclown and for that: my bad. i have a tendency to cook and bake by instinct, any recipe i write up may not reflect that. i also have a really bad habit of thinking that everyone is on the same kitchen wavelength as me, as in they see that the onions are burned at 10 minutes even though the recipe called for 15 minutes of sauteing they know to move onto the next step (or to start over). this next sentence is an asshole statement: to me, cooking is common sense. if your cream is curdling inexplicably then something happened, the onus is on you, go google/social media it for the reasons why. but of course, if you want to blame me, go ahead, i’m not offended.

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