chocolate babka rolls

Chocolate Babka

about this month:
it’s twenty one days in
and i’m still cold
from the moment we arrived home
from our thailand honeymoon
i’ve been saying to dw
if we were still there
we’d be sweating like whores
if we were still there
we’d go down the street
for some chompoo

if only we were still there

Chocolate Babka

the season is slow to change
we haven’t visited the tulips yet
a new skeeball season has commenced
i’ve cut my hair again
and oh
my obsession for the cookbook Jerusalem

our first sunday back
suffering from jetlag
i made this for supper,
at noon,
and because i was not feeling
in the kitchen mood
we had it for lunch the entire week

i’ve had this babka on my mind
for a long time
i made it for xmas
and so i made it again for easter
this time
for individual consumption
mini-versions, if you will,
cus why not
cus who doesn’t like mini stuff
cus who doesn’t like to stand
for 3 hours individually rolling
mini loaves and rolls

i won’t post the full recipe
cus it’s long
and cus there are three other resources
who have reprinted the full recipe for you

Chocolate Babka

i will list my alterations:

organic spelt flour
earth balance soy margarine to keep it dairy free and pareve
cinnamon in the dough and sprinkling in the filling
half the dough was then divided into EIGHT sections which were then rolled, filled, & twisted into mini loaves
the other half was rolled and then cut into TWELVE rolls that were then baked in muffin tins

bake times ranged from 20-25 minutes, please keep an eye. my oven runs hot, next time will be a hard stop at 20 minutes


Chocolate Babka

for full recipe from the cookbook:
seven spoons
life love food

45 thoughts on “chocolate babka rolls

  1. The Mistah and I dug into our babka for a late night snack after Libby was asleep, the dishes were done, and we were basking in the memories of a most lovely day spent with our framily. Can you believe she said Lan????

  2. So you have the post-honeymoon blues… Hope you get back in the routine quickly…or not..just daydream!
    I love babka… I always made it big, because of your hour-long rolling experience 🙂 But they look so cute, I will start baking in more individual sizes when I get back.

  3. Hi Lan, your trip sounds amazing, I think it’s always hard to settle back into a routine when you still would like to be in another place. I love the cookbook Jerusalem as well it is one of my favorites. Great looking babka!

  4. OMG!!!! You just got back from Thailand (aka. my beloved country). So, you guys experienced “Thai New Year” over there then. I am SO SO SO GLAD you were there during that time. Granted that April is the hottest month in Thailand, getting a chance to be there during the Thai New Year is priceless.

    I love your photos as always, and welcome back. I am looking forward to more of your posts 🙂

      1. i am SO SO SO sorry i did not reply to your e-mail. 😦
        though, i am glad & surprised to know of your experience. it’s lovely you went back to visit. thank you SO MUCH for the e-mail 🙂

      2. pang, no sweat. i was more concerned that the email ended up in your spam folder.

  5. Such beautiful rolls! I love that second-from-the-top photo. And I love the mini loaves too—that’s got to be the best ever use of a mini loaf pan.

    It sounds like you had a wonderful trip to Thailand with lots of good eating. The one time I’ve been to Thailand it was also in April (well end of April/beginning of May) and those were the hottest temperatures I think I’ve ever experienced! (Even hotter than Japan in August, which is saying something!) So I can understand why you’d be cold now… keep on baking beautiful treats and stay warm!

    1. chi wc, this isn’t going to be a common occurrence, it was satisfying work and the whole process of not having to cut a huge loaf is great, but the time spent was rather consuming.

  6. Those loaves could not be prettier!! Your twists — gorg! I have got to try baking babka. I had actually never tasted it, until last week (thanks, Jewish deli in NYC). That large loaf I lugged home in my carry-on disappeared in a flash. omg.

  7. Dang girl! Seriously?

    I mean, I’m not terribly fond of cinnamon swirls and I was about to dismiss the post before I took a closer look. And dang! I can have those for breakfast, lunch and God help me, dinner.

  8. They look absolutely stunning made into mini rolls, and when I made the recipe, I actually enjoyed them more than slices of loaf. Planning on making it again when temperatures go down, this time just in form of mini rolls. Thanks for sharing and glad the recipe turned out useful! 🙂 x

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