crochet | minecraft creeper hats

Crocheted Creeper Hats

this weather
this weather!
does anyone else have this problem:
(or is it just me)
(it’s probably just me)
the inability to defrost the car windows
i’ve owned two
vehicles in my life
and i’m the worst at
messing with the various
knobs & buttons
which i think is a
good time to request
a lexus
with ass warmers
cus then waiting for
the windows to defog
would be more bearable

this weather
it’s cold & dreary
it’s sunny & mild
there’s talk of blizzards
and polar vortexes
it’s usually around this time
of year i get fanatical
about taking vitamins
forcing hot broth on poor dw
making him wear socks to bed
(his feet get sooooo cold)
but for all my cautiousness
poor dw is sick
and i’m doing what i can
to get him back to health,
while dodging the illness myself

Crocheted Creeper Hats

now if i could just get him
to wear a scarf
and hat consistently…
we are a one-car household
i drop him off at
the edge of town in the mornings
and he walks the rest of the way
we have a designated place
to meet at the end of the day
he’s left standing around
waiting for my slow driving ass
it’s cold son!
unlike him,
our nephews wear hats
and for xmas this year
i crocheted
Creeper hats for them
i asked for their best
Thug Look
and this is what i got
they’re so flippin adorable
we’re like a really small

Crocheted Creeper Hats

i used this pattern as a guide.

photos used with permission from Jonas Wilson

11 thoughts on “crochet | minecraft creeper hats

  1. I love your Gang! Great hats…. I could never be so crafty.

    I wish we could pull off being a one-car family. You guys are awesome! Nathan totaled his car in December and we just bought a replacement over the weekend, it feels like such a relief to have a second car again. It has been sooooo cold here, too. I can’t get the house to actually stay warm even with the heat on. I set to baking yesterday (cinnamon rolls) which was nice until one of the pans flipped off the counter and dumped cinnamon/sugar/dough everywhere. AHHG

    1. hi. it looks like she took down her site, and i went to her ravelry page which also looks abandoned. i *might* have the pattern printed out and i can scan for you, will check tonight when i get home from work. but i would recommend that you try searching in ravelry for a back up.

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