overnight steel cut oats

Overnight Steel Cut OatsOvernight Steel Cut Oats

at the time of this post writing
it’s the first day of march
it’s also snowing
actually, i can hear the snow hitting the roof
so it’s sleeting
or, the sky is shitting
winter storm advisories are the norm
i’m contemplating yet another soup/stew to make for lunch
and i’m making plans for another week
of oat breakfasts

Overnight Steel Cut Oats

overnight steel cut oats
serves 2-3, depending on how hungry you are

note: i make this every night, there are recipes out there where you can make a week’s worth of oats but i’d rather make it fresh every night before bed. it’s so quick and easy, and we can re-use the containers/bowls, rather than having week’s a worth of dishes for two to contend with.

​2 cups water
1​/2​ cup steel cut oats
generous pinch of salt
optional: 1/3 cup raisins. i find that adding them after the oats have cooked is OK but i like the plumpness the raisins take on when they’ve soaked overnight

night before:
in saucepan bring water to a boil
add in oats and salt and let boil for a minute. if it boils rapidly, stir and move around burner, but keep for a minute
remove from heat, lid and go to bed

morning of:
reheat the oats on low (i usually do this step while packing lunch or making coffee)
stir to fluff up the oats

if eating right away:
portion into bowls and top with whatever you want
we’ve topped with fresh fruit (in pics, we used frozen blueberries from over the summer, pomegranate seeds and kefir milk), raisins and brown sugar. for crunch we have added slivered almonds

if transporting to work/elsewhere
portion into to-go containers
in separate containers add your toppings
when at work, the oats may still have some warmth (it’s usually at the perfect for me) but you can reheat in microwave, and top according to preference


Overnight Steel Cut Oats

4 thoughts on “overnight steel cut oats

  1. We’re usually eggs-for-breakfast people, but have been eating oats nearly every morning for the last few months. This method looks great, as I’m way too lazy to stir and watch a pot… and have found pre-portioned/refrigerated oats to be slimy and kind of gross.

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