CMP : chocolate, marshmallow & peanuts ice cream


in our Real Life
it’s no secret that
woodberry kitchen is dw’s favorite restaurant.
i like it just fine,
(ahem. fine enough that we had our wedding there…)
but dw really likes wk.

they have this dessert
that is simply put:
so good that it made it on
The Best Thing I Ever Ate
so delicious that
we requested it for our wedding.
the recipe changes every so often:
i’ve had it with chocolate mint sorbet,
in the video malt ice cream is used,
it’s whatever ice cream flavor they have
and for me,
i can request it made dairy free
and that, friends,
is why i usually have one all to myself.
and then i stare longingly at dw’s too.

we made this version in preparation
of Ice Cream For Breakfast Day.
the marshmallow fluff recipe made an assload amount,
so that’ll be coming with us to the party
the ice cream base is vegan
and as such, we upped the chocolate flavor.
and the wet peanuts:
well. we used a combo of honey+water
though the first time we attempted it
it was all just honey and it solidified.


super chocolate ice cream – vegan
*note: i made the ice cream base less sweet than usual, because i knew it was being consumed with sweetened nuts and fluff. if eaten alone, i’d up the sugar amount to maybe 1/2 cup or even 2/3 cup.
**note: we used king arthur’s marshmallow fluff recipe, using honey instead of corn syrup, without the vanilla, and used organic, cage free, free range eggs
***note: the wet peanuts was just raw peanuts that were coarsely chopped, roasted in a dry frying pan and then doused in some water and smidge of honey

2 cans of full fat coconut milk
1/3 cup sugar
2 generous TBL cocoa powder, we used Scharffen Berger
1 cup semi-sweet vegan chocolate chips, we used enjoy life
2 tsps pure chocolate extract, we used Nielsen-Massey
1/2 TBL cornstarch

in a saucepan, heat the sugar with 1 1/2 cans of the coconut milk. don’t scald the liquid, you want it to be just warmed through and the sugar to dissolve and be fully incorporated.

mix in the cocoa powder, stir for a minute or two, just until the coconut milk is a lovely shade of brown. next add in the chocolate chips. you want the chips to melt and to be fully mixed in. it’s going to look all fleck-y as the chips melt, just keep a consistent stir. add in the extract.

with the remaining coconut milk stir in the cornstarch, then add to the hot liquid. mix thoroughly.

pour into bowl and allow to cool completely befor covering with plastic wrap. store in fridge over night.

when ready, pour into ice cream maker and churn according to machine’s directions.

to assemble, layer the wet peanuts and ice cream and top with marshmallow fluff. if you’re feeling fancy, you can make sugar shards and/or torch the fluff.


lan-devin-eng-00798photo courtesy of luke eshelman

other ice cream concoctions:
coffee chocolate chip ice cream – lactose free
peppermint chocolate chip ice cream – lactose free
spiced coconut pecan ice cream – dairy free, gluten free
strawberry ice cream + almond waffle cones – gluten free, dairy free

16 thoughts on “CMP : chocolate, marshmallow & peanuts ice cream

  1. OH my gosh. You could not be prettier or more adorable!! This sound WONDERFUL and I’, not really a sweets person. Dang. Coconut-chocolate ice cream? Yes, please. The last time I made fluff, the room was too cold and my sugar syrup seized and I was on a deadline so I had to go buy some in jars — BAH! Sounds lovely made with honey.

    1. sophie, you are so sweet. thank you.
      the fluff was a hit at Ice Cream For Breakfast, for the adults! you take out the torch and all of a sudden the inner child comes screaming out. i was just thinking yesterday about making a simple syrup (either flavored or plain) to stream in next time we make fluff….

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