crochet | ombre granny square baby blanket

granny square blanket
a super quick post
you probably think we’re not cooking much these days,
what with all the crafty stuff
i’ve been posting lately.
in a way, you’re right
it’s been mainly raw csa salads
and playing with yarn this summer
a baby blanket for a new addition to the group
baby fig made her appearance this week early
my excitement for her existence,
and for fig mama’s venture into mommyhood
is a stark contrast to how i feel about motherhood in general.
no matter.
this bebe will be doted on,
and i already have a Date scheduled with her.
dw has diaper duty though.
the pattern i used was poorly written so i will just link to some granny square patterns i searched for on craftgawker.
if you want to follow along on my yarn adventure, i do have a ravelry account.
are you working on anything crafty, yarn or otherwise?
i’ve got another blanket to complete,
and then it’ll be scarf and cowl season…

19 thoughts on “crochet | ombre granny square baby blanket

  1. Beautiful blanket! I’m working on a cowl already for fall, since I don’t have much time to work on it everyday. Figured I should start early if I want to make other fall projects.

  2. This is so pretty! Good job! Congratulations to your friend for the new addition 🙂
    While I am spending time with my grandma, I want to learn how to knit and sew because she is an expert in those however I am not sure if I have enough patience. We did find lots of patterns on Pinterest for baby blankets and dresses though, at least one step closer 🙂

    1. ilke, thank you so much! good luck with the knitting, i learned watching youtube videos, if that helps. i remember my gma knitting back in the day, but she was the one who lacked patience to teach me! 🙂 i always had so many questions.

  3. We’ve been surviving on CSA as well – ain’t it grand? So fresh and simple, salads galore!

    Love the colours in your blanket – absolutely perfect for the design. I’m slaving away at teeny-tiny ballerina toppers, but when I see your crocheting, it makes me want to pick up some knitting kneedles! (Because I don’t know how to crochet. Yet.)

    1. i am not complaining about our CSA loot, seriously, it’s wonderful being able to hit up the market & grab the vegs for the week knowing they were likely picked that very morning.

      i say we make a play date of yarn & cake!

  4. I love the ombre!! I think I have a Ravelry account but I never did start any of the projects I fell in love with. I’m that super-annoying child-less twenty-something over-achiever who’s all “there aren’t enough hours in the day!” I would love to find more time for things like knitting. Priorities, hm whats that?

    Beautiful! You’re so good at being crafty!

  5. Bonjour
    Très joli pouvez vous me dire quelle laine vous avez crocheté
    Merci d’avance pour votre réponse

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