apple molasses cookies

Apple Molasses Cookies

to combat the cold
that has permeated the east coast
turn your ovens on.
create bread.
make soup.
roast something.
bake cookies!

these warm gems are a riff on a dear friend’s
recipe, shared years ago,
now recreated.

for the full recipe, go here.

Garlic Panna Cotta + Curried Root Vegetable Soup

Garlic Panna Cotta with Curried Root Vegetable Soup

super quick post,
because i know it’s turkey week
and with that comes great responsibility,
that responsibility being putting on stretchy pants.

here’s to gratitude —
we are spending the long weekend with dw’s cousins in NY,
there’s gonna be hiking
lots of eating
a jaunt into the city
we’re unplugging,
see you next week!

meanwhile, if your table is missing one thing
i doubt it is,
but if it you need something,
i have this soup.
it’s over at Honest Cooking,
where i’ll be contributing every so often,
when the mood strikes.

head over for the fancy looking,
but super simple soup: garlic panna cotta + curried root vegetable soup

have a great weekend friends!