2 ingredient chocolate mousse

2 ingredient chocolate mousse

last week we had a breakdown,
and then we had chocolate mousse.
this was a treat that dw whipped up
so quickly that he literally got a blister on his finger.
the mousse made sense,
we like our dessert after supper,
and we had the ingredients already
(all two of them)
the breakdown, though,
that didn’t make sense.
we can attribute it to
wedding dementia
and other introverted stuff
that i suffer from
and the thought of
more than a handful of people at the wedding

i’m not proud of my behavior
i can be such a petulant asshole sometimes
you know, all that stuff

like a trooper dw not only
gave me space for 24 hours
but he gave me this,
a reminder of sorts
that with just two ingredients
something wonderful can be created,
just like when two people love each other
as much as dw & i love each other
everything else is just
chump change

2 ingredient chocolate mousse

2 ingredient Chocolate Mousse
from Cafe Fernando who got the recipe from Herve This & Heston Blumenthal
*note: for the love of gawd, don’t go skimpy on the chocolate, buy the good quality kind, with a minimum of 70% cacao. regular chocolate chips won’t work, we learned that the hard way. also, use a hand mixer, you don’t want a blister on your finger. last, if you want, play with some flavorings. the latest play was 1/4 tsp of cayenne pepper added and topped with grey sea salt. divine.

265g good quality bittersweet chocolate (like scharffen berger) (minimum 70% cacao solids), hand chopped
1 cup water

important step:
fill a large mixing bowl with ice & cold water. think like you’re gonna shock-stop veggies from cooking to retain its pretty color. have a smaller mixing bowl, one that fits in this bowl, on hand as well.

in a small sauce pan, mix the chocolate + water over medium heat until well incorporated.

pour chocolate mixture into the smaller mixing bowl, place it in the bigger ice water bowl and start mixing with hand mixer, or risking blisters, by hand. the mixture will start to thicken. don’t get overzealous, apparently it will get grainy, which would then require you to re-heat the mixture and start again.

divide into 4 ramekins. best served immediately but if not, keep in fridge, well covered. take out 20 minutes prior to consumption to take the cold edge off.

serves 4, yields 4 4oz ramekins
serving size: 1 ramekin approx 4 oz: calories: 399 | total fat: 28.2g | saturated fat: 16.2g | cholesterol: 2mg | sodium: 14.4mg | total carbs: 30.4g | dietary fiber: 7.2g | sugars: 15.9g | protein: 5.2g

2 ingredient chocolate mousse