DIY | scratch off lottery tickets

DIY | scratch offs

they say there’s
50 eskimo words for ‘snow’
that’s a lot of words for
the same damn thing that’s
falling from the sky
and can’t seem to resolve itself
it started snowing back in
and it’s hardly stopped since
i know there are places
up north
out west
the North Pole
that have it waaaay worse
so with that in mind
dw & i thew a party
our first dinner party
and made our guests sit on the floor
one new year’s resolution resoluted
we had vietnamese hot pot
cus that’s what you feed people
to celebrate the year of the horse
and when it’s cold out
and when you want to do as little
cooking as possible
making guests work for their meal
is the best party trick
go ahead,
steal this idea
some more tips:

DIY | scratch offs

have games
if you have friends,
like i do,
who are competitive,
games are good
homemade scratch off lottery tickets
are damn good

how to:
very similar to how i made my
wedding save the dates
under the scratch-off paint
write incredibly assertive
and watch the quibbling that
ensues between said competitive friends
as they scramble to
get the best prizes in the basket
(note: prizes ranged
from homemade blueberry jam
to real lottery tickets)

DIY | scratch offs

we also played two kinds of card games
Peanuts: a wilson family game
that rumor has it
grandmothers were mowed over
to clinch wins
our games entailed
quite a bit of stress,
silent planning,
and entirely too many swear words
a version of Asshole
which also caused

all in all,
it was a success
i’ve been day dreaming
about entertaining
and it all came together so easily

DIY | scratch offs

resources and inspiration:
kitchn | don’t be afraid to rearrange furniture. my friends sat on the floor!
inspired food | always have a plan B. i planned to make fortune cookies but shit did not go right. i had a plan B.
dinners for winners | kinda reverse this post: i made note of dietary restrictions, the sauces were gluten free and we made sure the abode was clean so everyone could make themselves comfortable.


12 thoughts on “DIY | scratch off lottery tickets

    1. do it! it’s especially fun with friends. invest in a good pot. we opted to get an electric stove instead of a pot, just for versatility.

  1. I feel like I want to applaud! You entertained and it was GREAT! Seriously wish I could get invited to one of your dinner parties. Are those your adorable dinner guests? The floor looks comfortable indeed! LOVE the scratch-offs, the hot pot, the competition and hilarity. Glad you shared your evening with us, and happy to hear that it was stress-free to pull off 🙂

    ps. We finally got some of that damn snow. Shut this town COMPLETELY DOWN I am not kidding. Not even a bar was open, no stores, no offices. Whatever, man…..

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