baked yeast s’mores donuts

S'more Donuts

it’s early morn,
well, early for Sunday.
roll over and
he’s sprawled out,
with child-like abandon,
accede to impulse –
kiss his cheek
the kind of kiss that
doesn’t take much thought
a take for granted kind of kiss
the kind that
you know will happen
like a habit,
like we’d kiss everyday
for the rest of our lives.

make way to the
tiny urban kitchen:
dishes from the evening before’s meal
piled high.
it’s a struggle
to not succumb to the desire to
dine on throwaway
paper plates.

with kitchen cleared,
coffee cooling
set out ingredients for
breakfast —
a dessert really.
it’s a messy job,
one that requires
cleaning of more dishes,
of scrubbing counter tops
but with an end result like this,
it’s acceptable.

S'more Donuts

and when he finally
slumber still clinging to his body
greet him with yet
another kiss
(we can’t ever get enough!)
(stop gagging)
and offer up a small delight
to fully waken him up.
because the rest of the day

how do you like to spend your Sundays?

S'more Donuts

S’mores Donuts (baked & with yeast)
*listen. i didn’t taste a s’more until i was well into my late 20s. i was in West Virginia and i loved this so much that during the 5 day camping trip i had marshmallow and chocolate smeared all over my face and graham cracker crumbs in my hair the entire time. when i have a hankering for this i buy all the ingredients and in our urban living room dw puts it all together for me and torches it with a creme brulee torche. i won’t lie, this is more like a cake shaped in a donut form, but it is nonetheless delicious. because it’s a cake, it keeps well, covered, at room temp for a few days or in fridge. if you don’t have a torch, i feel sorry for you, it’s still good and gooey. (click on pic to enlarge & see the recipe, or the recipe follows with a few notes…)

S'more Donuts

donut ingredients
3/4 cup spelt flour
1/4 cup graham cracker crumbs (about 3 crackers whizzed in food processor, leftover can be used a garnish)
1 tsp active dry yeast
3/4 tsp baking powder
1/4 tsp salt
1/4 tsp baking soda
1/4 cup semi soft coconut oil
6 tbsp sugar
1 egg
1/2 tsp vanilla extract
1 tbsp coconut yogurt (So Delicious has a great Greek yogurt)
1/4 cup coconut milk

melted vegan marshmallows, amount at your discretion
melted tempered dark chocolate, amount at your discretion

preheat oven 350F
sift together dry ingredients in a bowl
in a mixing bowl, cream together coconut oil + sugar, add in egg + vanilla. add in the coconut yogurt. alternating between the dry ingredients and milk, add to mixing bowl. pour into prepared donut pans. bake for 10-12 minutes (aim for 11 minutes). allow to cool slightly in pan and then flip them out carefully onto wire rack and cool completely. repeat with remaining batter.

assemble by drizzling melted dark chocolate on top. allow to cool before drizzling the melted vegan marshmallows. again, cool slightly and then sprinkle on some graham cracker crumbs. torch it up if you want.

will keep at room temp, covered for a few days, or move to fridge.

37 thoughts on “baked yeast s’mores donuts

  1. Dawg! These look freakin’ amazing. Gooey and scrumptious – undoubtedly finger lickin’ good. Also, I haven’t had a s’more in at least two decades. Why haven’t I ever thought to use my blow torch to make ’em? (sigh.)

  2. Damn. So tempting to try and snatch one up through the screen. I’ve considered the donut pan, also one of those Aebleskiver pans, but ultimately felt like that was just inviting in ongoing temptation. The torch, tho, I feel shame that this kitchen doesn’t have one of those…

    1. this pan was a gift from a coworker and boy was i excited. it’s the exact type of thing i would never buy for myself but always covet.
      i have also wanted an aebleskiver pan, mainly because there’s a vientamese dish that calls for a pan like it, and i can’t find the viet clay version anywhere!

  3. S’mores are a little too sweet for me, but this weekend, our friend’s 7-year-old askedd me at their bonfire: “have you ever had a s’moreo?” So I sandwiched my toasted mallow betweeen two halves of an Oreo. Haha! These look wayyy better! I want one of those awesome donut pans. Your kissing anecdotes are way cute. Possily, after 10 years together my man and I don’t kiss often enough! These photos are killing me… bravo

    1. maybe if you used unsweetened or bittersweet chocolate it would be less cloying? i can usually just stand for 2, 3 tops. a s’moreo sounds AMAZING.

  4. Lovely Lan! especially liked the description of the few minutes during which you wake up till you reach the kitchen…! You and your man are just so sweet together. Anyway, guess what, I’m in my late 20s and because I’ve never been to the states, I’ve never tried smores in my life (i don’t even know how it’s supposed to be pronounced!). One day, I will, I promise.

    1. oh lord, please treat yourself to a s’more immediately. it’s comfort + decadence + whimsical all at once.

  5. Daaaang, how ridiculous are these?? They’re equal parts sexy and adorable; it’s kind of crazy.

    I didn’t try s’mores until I was in my mid-20s! My boyfriend at the time (not my finest choice) made me feel like a total weirdo. But then I tried one, and I kind of understood why someone would be shocked, because they are so stupid good.

    1. i feel you, my first s’more and grown up camping trip was with an ex and he made me feel like a weirdo for eating it SO MUCH that trip. at least now, you and i have s’mores to our heart’s content and they’re in the dust somewhere.

  6. I’m not much of a yeast baker but I’d gladly use it in the recreation of these epic donuts!

    1. honestly, i don’t think the yeast did much in this recipe, i’m confident enough in saying that you can omit it.

  7. Yes, yes, a thousand times yes! I’m so into these. My Sundays are sadly always busy and rushed, but I dream of a time when they can involve lovingly made scratch doughnuts.

    1. hello elizabeth and welcome! you can always make these on a saturday and your busy sunday won’t be so bad!

  8. Oh Holy Gorgeous! I love your new blog! And would you look at those doughnuts?! I did make doughnuts once…not with much luck though. They turned out semi-flat. But I absolutely love gorging on them. And your look fantastic!

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