tiny, beautiful things

tiny beautiful things

i recently finished
this book
she writes with such
compassion & conviction.
now i’m reading her
other book.
i’m not much for non-fiction
but this,
i can deal.


from all around pinterest:

still looking for a reason to wear this dress :: lawd, i’d love to dine al fresco like this :: this ink is so beautiful :: i have kim chi on my mind :: finally. this country gets it right. One Love :: still dreaming about the shorter locks ::

there was a jaunt to a
free range, naturally fed
livestock ranch
some gathering
some laughing
some water play
some swooning
this is my life.
and i love it.
(you can follow along here)

other things:
a son of a holocaust buys german
oh, my alma mater … no words
i’m not excusing her, but you know, get over it people
no lie, matt nathanson can do no wrong.
bff has an official fb page, she’s making our wedding cakes
as a former yearbook editor, i would not have caught this
saw World War Z, so far, best summer movie
i’m hoping to bust this out soonish

have a wonderful week friends,
enjoy the holiday,
be safe,
be good.

2 thoughts on “tiny, beautiful things

  1. That fish curry needs to get in my belly! I need to get this book off my Amazon wishlist and into my handsss. That yearbook quote made my day! And you would totally rock short hairs. Looks like I need to follow your Pinterest ❤ ❤

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