homemade UP! buttons house

Up! Buttons hot air balloons

it might sound boring, but i think the boring stuff is the stuff i remember most. -up!

for our fourth or fifth date
(or based on the link below, the third date…)
dw invited me over to his home,
for a movie and dinner
i learned a few things on that date
most importantly,
for a white guy he’s very asian that he
requires shoes to be taken off the moment you enter the abode,
(a habit i promptly discarded the second i left home)
he’s fantastic in the kitchen
and he’s a great kisser

let me just go ahead and disclose that i’m
an awkward person
touching is not my forte
i’m not a feely kind of girl
i tend to say inappropriate things to alleviate stress
and diffuse a situation
and farting cracks me up
from a clinical standpoint,
the meshing of two people’s lips is weird
i have a hard enough time with my own lips
introducing another set is just odd
we were reaching a point in the whole dating thing,
where it was going to be a fabulous friendship
or a glorious love story
my inability to move toward that really painful
gawky First Kiss
and moving beyond it
was decidedly stressing me the eff out

we watched Up!
another thing:
i don’t like cartoons
but i sat through it
because sitting next to him was nice
while the credits rolled
i was in the middle of saying something
when he leaned in and laid one on me
i paused and thought
“oh there it is. that’s out of the way. that’s nice.”
and then i awkwardly kept talking

Up! Buttons hot air balloons

moral of the story:
i’m graceless
we survived the first kiss thing
we continued to kiss
we continue to kiss
and we are now living our glorious love story

for his groom’s gift i made him this picture
lawd knows i have a bunch of watercolors
and a container of buttons for some reason
when i saw this tutorial on pinterest
you bet your ass i had it in my head to make my own
we happened to be visiting his hometown of Rochester
i made him take me to his childhood house
snapped a pic of it on my phone
and then spent about three hours putting it
all together

busted buttons has a great tutorial,
hello, i was able to follow it,
go there for instructions
in the meantime,
you see that little attic window at the top
of the house?
little boy dw would crawl into that space
and yell down to people in the street from it
how effing adorable and weird is that shit???

Up! Buttons hot air balloons

18 thoughts on “homemade UP! buttons house

  1. hahaha @ the attic window!

    Mashing two people’s lips together is totally weird. I don’t know why it’s so awesome when it actually happens.

    This is the damn cutest thing and I love the history behind it. Thank you for sharing with us 🙂 🙂

  2. This is adorable!
    I love cartoons, and I loved UP! So much that we watched several times by now, always crying my eyes out at some point. I have to steal this and make it for us next year, when we celebrate our tenth anniversary.

  3. Love this. Love the post, your tales, this mother freakin’ fantastic artwork! GAH! Also, I collect buttons. I love them. Just thought you should know. And that wee yellow house? I want to live there…

  4. This is a beautiful story. And girl, I know how you feel. I can be very awkward. Awkward words come out of my mouth all the time. Good to know I’m not alone!

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