crochet | yarn cupcakes!

Crochet | Cupcakes
Crochet | Cupcakes
Crochet | Cupcakes

because a new addition to a family
(hello claire, i look forward to meeting you!)
and a toy kitchen
(hello emma, let’s have tea soon!)
warrants some yarn love

using scraps of yarn and in total (if i concentrated hard enough) about an hour per cupcake, i used this pattern.
each cupcake was a different size, using the F, G, H & I hooks.
some leftover buttons, because this project didn’t use them up, i sewed on sprinkles.
tip: sew them on after the frosting is crocheted, but before assembling the cupcake.
also crocheted, but not pictured, this baby blanket, which is my fave pattern due to its ease and simplicity.
happy june friends, thanks so much for reading!

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other diy toys:
toy kitchen
diy sperm cornhole
crocheted own rattle

crochet | broomstick lace infinity cowl

Broomstick Lace Infinity Cowl

we lived in the same dorm,
but it wouldn’t be until 2nd semester that we’d meet.

He either wants a cake or MY cake. ​

delta chi parties were never the same
after we met.
cream of tomato soup + grilled cheese
was Our Jam.

i’m officially tired of first day of school pics on facebook.
most of the kids aren’t even cute.

we rocked out to RAY OF LIGHT
for weeks.
we counted pennies to determine
if we could afford cover to bars.

every time i eat strawberries i hope that
richard gere busts through my door to find me flossing.

we have a devote love
for the Lord of the Rings,
Pride & Prejudice,
and snarking.

sometimes i don’t ask someone to do a simple favor for me
because i don’t feel like saying thank you.

most of our texting
and emails revolve around
cake decorations,
running schedules,
and how big our asses have grown since we were 18.

are you still sprinkling salt on your foods like you’re Tyler Florence?
he likes to hold his hand up real high and do it.
i wish he’d sprinkle my cookie.

i’m late this year
with my holiday/birthday/anniversary gift
for BigK.
something like creative blocks
but mainly laziness
kept me from putting this in the mail for her.
as it happens, it’s cold as shit right now,
even in the dirty south,
she has plenty of time to make use of this cowl.

that’s just silliness. i like kids. i’ve been around them for most of my life. but they do NOT belong at every setting. when i go to a party i don’t want to have to watch my mouth because little sally cream puff might hear me say f*ck balls.

Broomstick Lace Infinity Cowl

broomstick lace infinity cowl
yarn used: Lang Yarns, SOL DÉGRADÉ in color: 783.0079
crochet hook: H hook

*note: you want to do multiples of four + one for the turning chain (using a turning chain allows you to retain the same # stitches).
**note: i tried to find the video that i used to learn how to make this stitch, without the assistance of a broomstick or thick knitting needle, but i can’t find it. you can certainly google for video assistance, just know that the directions are different from what i have described below.

row 1: chain 28 + 1 for turning chain
row 2: single stitch across starting at stitch 2nd from the hook. (you should end up with 28)
row 3: chain 1 but draw the loop through until it’s about an inch (keep this loop on hook). insert hook into next chains and repeat, you will end up with 28 1″ loops on your hook. carefully remove hook and turn.
row 4: insert hook through 4 loops, single crochet on those 4 loops 4x. do that for the entire row, you should up with 7 sets of 4 loops. chain 1 (turning chain) and turn.
row 5: single crochet across. (you should end up with 28). chain 2 (turning chain) and turn.
row 6: single crochet across. (you should end up with 28). chain 2 (turning chain) and turn.
row 7 and beyond: repeat row 3 – 6 until reach desired length.

this can be a scarf or to make into a cowl, sew the ends together. i twisted once before sewing the ends. if you’re feeling fancy, have at it.


Broomstick Lace Infinity Cowl

crochet | viking hat

Crocheted Viking Hat

despite my stance on children
i find myself falling
head over heels
for them often.
like: all.the.time.

these kids here:
i’ve never met them.
i’ve never met their parents.
their father & dw were
roommates in college.
that’s my connection.

Crocheted Viking Hat

that doesn’t stop me
from going batshit crazy squeeing
everytime their pic is
posted on FB.
yes. i friended their parents
so that i can see updates about them.
there’s about
4 states & 1 time zone
between us.

though they’ve never once
mentioned rooting for the
or if they even like football.
i went and made their kids
a Viking Helmet.

Crocheted Viking Helmut

i used this pattern.

i will say,
like any new pattern,
my first attempt is always
this is not a reflection on
the pattern writer.
i have barely any patience
for making anything twice,
having to make 2 hats
and 4 horns
about did me in.

but the pix of them
wearing the hats made it all worth it.

Crocheted Viking Helmut

other crocheted creations:
minecraft creeper hats
starburst baby blanket
ombre granny square baby blanket

kids’ photos used with permission, bb+sb

crochet | starburst baby blanket

Star Burst Baby Blanket

Star Burst Baby Blanket

Star Burst Baby Blanket

Star Burst Baby Blanket

i say it often
but these days i find myself
deadline crocheting
there is always a project
to start
to complete
i reach for my yarn
and hook by rote
and if i’m not,
i’m searching for a pattern
to get immersed in

despite lamentations
this winter has allowed for much
a pot of soup simmering
dw beside me,
either doing a crossword puzzle
or napping,
my fingers tangled in yarn
sometimes i’ll stop
to stretch overtired wrists
and hands
and fingers
and then back at it
sweat-shop style

this blanket was part of
my contribution for the
baby shower
we had at work this week

for the main color, i used caron’s one pound yarn in cream (or maybe it’s off white…)
for the trim/border, i used bernat’s baby coordinates in baby pink
i used a J-hook

i used this pattern, which was so easy to memorize

fyi: mini elephant pillow is Monsignor Boh Regard Nguyen, made by the lovely wendi of Bon Appetit Hon.

my other crocheted creations:
owl rattle
minecraft skull hats

happy weekend friends!

homemade UP! buttons house

Up! Buttons hot air balloons

it might sound boring, but i think the boring stuff is the stuff i remember most. -up!

for our fourth or fifth date
(or based on the link below, the third date…)
dw invited me over to his home,
for a movie and dinner
i learned a few things on that date
most importantly,
for a white guy he’s very asian that he
requires shoes to be taken off the moment you enter the abode,
(a habit i promptly discarded the second i left home)
he’s fantastic in the kitchen
and he’s a great kisser

let me just go ahead and disclose that i’m
an awkward person
touching is not my forte
i’m not a feely kind of girl
i tend to say inappropriate things to alleviate stress
and diffuse a situation
and farting cracks me up
from a clinical standpoint,
the meshing of two people’s lips is weird
i have a hard enough time with my own lips
introducing another set is just odd
we were reaching a point in the whole dating thing,
where it was going to be a fabulous friendship
or a glorious love story
my inability to move toward that really painful
gawky First Kiss
and moving beyond it
was decidedly stressing me the eff out

we watched Up!
another thing:
i don’t like cartoons
but i sat through it
because sitting next to him was nice
while the credits rolled
i was in the middle of saying something
when he leaned in and laid one on me
i paused and thought
“oh there it is. that’s out of the way. that’s nice.”
and then i awkwardly kept talking

Up! Buttons hot air balloons

moral of the story:
i’m graceless
we survived the first kiss thing
we continued to kiss
we continue to kiss
and we are now living our glorious love story

for his groom’s gift i made him this picture
lawd knows i have a bunch of watercolors
and a container of buttons for some reason
when i saw this tutorial on pinterest
you bet your ass i had it in my head to make my own
we happened to be visiting his hometown of Rochester
i made him take me to his childhood house
snapped a pic of it on my phone
and then spent about three hours putting it
all together

busted buttons has a great tutorial,
hello, i was able to follow it,
go there for instructions
in the meantime,
you see that little attic window at the top
of the house?
little boy dw would crawl into that space
and yell down to people in the street from it
how effing adorable and weird is that shit???

Up! Buttons hot air balloons