october | 10 hours

october has come in
with rain on her heels
there is no complaint from me,
we’ve needed it here around these parts
the temperatures have sufficiently
lowered to the appropriate season
and i’ve got soups and stews
and oven worthy concoctions
on my mind
after spending just a benjamin
on our wedding flowers
i’m now turned on to the idea of
purchasing a bouquet from the farmer’s market
every week
to remind us of the living
while most everything else
goes into decline
and fades
here’s to the 10th month

this is the 10 on 10 project
to participate, go here

October | 10 hours

painting | our wedding guest book is now hanging in the living room & it’s a fabulous view

October | 10 hours

view | speaking of views: on clear nights we can hear and see the crowds during ravens’ games

October | 10 hours

trees | soon these trees will be bare

October | 10 hours

raindrops | it’s been a steady rain today

October | 10 hours

dry | drying flowers from my wedding bouquet

October | 10 hours

seeds | about to roast up some butternut squash seeds for dinner

October | 10 hours

gift | a coffee cup and saucer set

October | 10 hours

process | the whole food photography set up can be exhausting sometimes

October | 10 hours

flowers | almost two weeks later and our wedding flowers still look so good

October | 10 hours
end | the end of day looks like this

13 thoughts on “october | 10 hours

  1. I agree that photographing food can be exhausting. Sometimes it’s more than I can take, which is why I do it so rarely… hashtag pansy.

    I love every single one of these photos. You have such a great eye. I love the view from your home! And your guestbook is gorgeous!

  2. The mood set in your photos is spot on – I especially love the flowers. And yes, setting up a photo shoot is an exhausting, infuriating, and manic process…if only I could go all Mary Poppins on the process.

    Happy first October as a Mrs.! XO

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