november | remember


know that feeling
where you have to much to do
the to-do list is long,
you’re not crossing things out,
instead you keep adding
and what you end up doing is
taking a 3 hour nap?

felt … the crunch of leaves underfoot. autumn is on her way out, leaving behind a fading trail of yellows, reds and oranges
smelled … paint. we’re working on a craft project that i am excited to share with you, eventually
touched … yarn. i’ve been busy busy crocheting my fingers off
heard … a reading. do not go gentle into that good night!
saw … an overturned vehicle on the way to work this week. be careful out there people, get there in one piece, the turkey will hold till you arrive

wedding cake - NC

a few pinterest & internet discoveries:
|| organization is not my forte but if i could just get my shit together, i’d make this
|| you guys. tutu + sweater tights? mind exploded
|| this pumpkin soup + coconut panna cotta: yes please
|| this rosemary laced buttercream piques my interest
|| i am so in love with this vintage campaign desk
|| my high school, in thailand, aerial view
|| last, if you’re not already tired of hearing about our wedding, our photographer posted a few more pix

wedding cake - KY

photo captions:
on a very quick trip to NC to visit the bff and this guy, she made a tiny replica of our wedding cake, this time sans the dairy doom. it’s now safe in our freezer
then a few weeks later we visited with dw’s family in Louisville and i made the same cake for the family gathering, this is the recipe that i always use for for sure results. picture taken by my brother in law Jonas Wilson, used with permission, but with my edit
finally, pulled pork tacos. so good. recipe: 2 lb pork shoulder + 1 bottle ginger ale + salt & pepper + 1 onion sliced + a few cloves of garlic in crockpot for 12 hours on low = sweet tender pork. thanks erin w.

pulled pork taco

meanwhile: hello december!

6 thoughts on “november | remember

  1. “that feeling where you have to much to do the to-do list is long, you’re not crossing things out,instead you keep adding and what you end up doing is taking a 3 hour nap?”

    Did you put a nanny cam in my house or something? Because this is exactly what’s been going on around here.

    I do feel a little better knowing I’m not the only one.

  2. You would rock that tutu combo. I also love those photo hangers! I have made vegetarian panna cotta with great success, even though I was unsure at first… I hope you try it — that coconut version sounds delish. And I want that pulled pork! Ginger ale appeals to me much more than the coca cola version…..

    1. it’s always been hit or miss for me with panna cotta, and dw doesn’t really like it (i think it’s the texture thing, which is weird cus he likes tripe…) and i cannot be the only one eating the stuff!

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