february | remember


today being the Last Day of Feb
we’re right on the cusp
of Spring
something nothing like it
it being much more bearable one day,
the next being pretty effing awful

i find myself deadline crocheting,
i also doodle in my notebook
listing things to pack for
our upcoming trip
things to buy for/during
our upcoming trip
one of which is potentially
which could be death
of me and my nikon friends
who i keep pestering for their opinions
but they’re all the same
and i haven’t won the lottery yet
so i can’t buy all of them
only one
gawd, the decisions!


felt … omg, the excitement as we countdown till we leave
watcheda movie, with friends, that made me simultaneously laugh & cry inside. i also spent a good portion of the drive home ranting about parents and family and divorce and how fucked up people in general are
drove … for miles. to southern va and i am reminded again of how beautiful the blue ride mountains are
commenced … a juice/smoothy type thing. let’s just say that i adore chewing & leave it at that
swooned … over this book, that is making me love pride&prejudice all over again, despite what twain says about austen

cauliflower rice with roasted tofu & pomegranate relish

a few pinterest and internet discoveries:
||i’d wear this dress everyday
||thinking about this pretty cake for a dear friend’s baby shower this summer
||blueberry season cannot get here fast enough
||i need to make this, and i will, once i get over my crush for her dandan noodles
||i may have gotten teary-eyed over this
||just this
||seriously considering going even shorter!


photo captions:
||the view of muddy gut creek. don’t let the name fool you
||dried flowers, early morn. dear spring: just get here already
||an adaption of this recipe. we’ve made this thrice, once with cilantro instead of mint, another time with paprika instead of chili, yet another time with millet, all times were fabulous. now that pomegranate season is over, i’m wracking my brain for what other relish i can make…
||pickled mango: what am i supposed to do with it? i received it from my foodie penpal this month. he actually sent me a box of random condiments and spices and goodness and that jar of pickled mango has my utmost interest right now, though i don’t rightly know what to do with it. thoughts?

7 thoughts on “february | remember

  1. We had Mandy’s mapo tofu last weekend! And tonight, Dan Dan Mien! Great minds think alike girlfran 😉 Could you use pickled mango in a way such as preserved lemons?! I have no idea. So glad to have your thumbs on up that tofu/pom salad from Sara — I’ve been itching to try it! Will have to do so, I wonder if dried sour cherries would substitute for the pomegranate even though they wouldn’t be as pretty?……

    PS I LOVE that haircut you linked to right here. Do it!!!

    1. so jealous that you’ve tried mandy’s mapo tofu. it looks so good, but it’s kinda labor intensive that requires a weekend concentration, i can’t be putting this together after a full day of work.
      dried sour cherries, that’s interesting. i think the sour/tart note would come through but i would miss the pop of the pomegranate seeds….

      1. I promise the recipe goes a lot quicker than it looks! I whirled my peppercorns together and set them aside a day or two ahead and also made the chile oil ahead of time, which was a sinch too…. after that, it’s just browning pork and heating tofu (and we made rice) to make the dinner. Already wishing we had more……………………………………

  2. Lan, were we neighbor we’d be inseparable. Your book recommendation sounds lush (thank you!) and the haircut; a resounding *yes!* I’ve shorn my hair, again, and I find it beyond liberating despite the fact that men don’t seem to like super-short hair on women. (Methinks Tom Hiddleston would find it quite fetching. Which is all that matters, really.) 😉

    1. valerie, i think i will chop off the locks even more, soon! i just love so much the shaggy line in the back, no muss no fuss.
      and yes, methinks hiddleston would like it too, you so get me!

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