crochet | viking hat

Crocheted Viking Hat

despite my stance on children
i find myself falling
head over heels
for them often.
like: all.the.time.

these kids here:
i’ve never met them.
i’ve never met their parents.
their father & dw were
roommates in college.
that’s my connection.

Crocheted Viking Hat

that doesn’t stop me
from going batshit crazy squeeing
everytime their pic is
posted on FB.
yes. i friended their parents
so that i can see updates about them.
there’s about
4 states & 1 time zone
between us.

though they’ve never once
mentioned rooting for the
or if they even like football.
i went and made their kids
a Viking Helmet.

Crocheted Viking Helmut

i used this pattern.

i will say,
like any new pattern,
my first attempt is always
this is not a reflection on
the pattern writer.
i have barely any patience
for making anything twice,
having to make 2 hats
and 4 horns
about did me in.

but the pix of them
wearing the hats made it all worth it.

Crocheted Viking Helmut

other crocheted creations:
minecraft creeper hats
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kids’ photos used with permission, bb+sb

8 thoughts on “crochet | viking hat

  1. Oh, so adorable Lan! The cap looks just as cute on you as it does on the little ones…how versatile! The horns have the perfectly “tough” look to them without being too pointy…I’ll have to look at the pattern to see how you did that. 🙂

    1. thanks Bonnie. it turned out much easier than i anticipated, just a gentle tug on the tail and it was done!

  2. If they weren’t Vikings fans before, they must be now! They turned out great. I’ve been wondering…since I watched you begin them.

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