a beautiful love – vegan carrot cake

for rc + dh.

with rc by her side (as well as a legion of ardent angel friends), dh is facing a battle with grace, humility and aplomb. to read more & help if you can, go here.

videos courtesy of mandy frye and john carnahan, and used with permission

doubled vegan carrot cake + cream cheese frosting
almond paste succulents and carrots, free-handed by my kitchen wench slash new living arrangement roommate nuria, but inspired by: cake central.

Vegan Carrot Cake + Almond Paste toppers008003

17 thoughts on “a beautiful love – vegan carrot cake

  1. absolutely stunning and incredibly delicious! you amaze me with your talents and your ever beautiful heart & soul! thank you with all we have and then a little bit extra, from rc + dh, for making our special day so EPIC! ❤ so much love for you!

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