Somen Noodle Bowl

Somen Noodle Bowl

i finished two books recently,
which isn’t very remarkable
when i think about the period of time
in high school when i was able to knock out
a book a day.
sure, school work likely suffered,
but damn if i couldn’t just open
up a book at 1:38pm after 7th period
and lose myself.
if i find myself in a particularly
engrossing story
i tell dw it’s his turn to make dinner
or i throw something very
quick and easy together
and call it dinner.
either way,
i’m able to put my nose back into the pages.

Somen Noodle Bowl

fyi, for those interested,
i read:
me, earl & the dying girl
me before you
i know, so depressing
but they’re fast reads
and available as movies as now.

Somen Noodle Bowl

somen noodle bowl
makes enough for 2

*note: the way japanese noodles are packaged makes life easier. it’s usually already been divvied up into servings so i can tell dw how much to cook up. in this case: 2 servings. somen noodles also don’t clump, i’ve only ever used them cold and they are still really good the next day.
**note: this is ridiculous fast and easy, i may have been reading while i was making this.

2 bundles of somen noodles, cooked according to package instructions

2-3 TBL tamarin or soy sauce
2-3 TBL rice vinegar or mirin
2 TBL sesame oil
splash of maple syrup, optional (just for taste)

seaweed dressing:
2 sheets of nori/seaweed, shredded by hand
2-3 TBL toasted sesame seeds, very important to toast!
1 tsp sugar
1/2 tsp sesame oil
pinch of salt

topping options:
sliced cucumbers
fried or boiled egg
kim chi or shredded cabbage
2-3 scallions, sliced thin
sesame seeds
nuts, like crushed peanuts or cashews
carrots, matchsticks

essentially, for every component of this recipe: the noodles, the sauce and the sesame dressing, make/mix ingredients accordingly.

divvy up the noodles into two bowls. you can either pour the sauce and mix throughout the noodles and then top with whatever.

or you can assemble your bowl with the noodles and topped with whatever and then pour in the sauce.

either way, it works and it’s easy.


Somen Noodle Bowl

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9 thoughts on “Somen Noodle Bowl

  1. These are perfect for a week night. Your cutting skills are superb. I’m trying to get throughy a very long book now that I started on vacation and now it’s at a slow crawl. I’m lamenting that it isn’t those high school days though I hated high school so. Good for you for getting through. I’ll have to pick those up. I’ve seen some gals on the subway reading both of them. Do you recommend? Beautiful photos and sauce.

    1. (i hated high school too, which is why i read so much)
      i liked the books well enough, if you’re looking for something very quick, have at it. i even read the sequel to Me Before you in a few nights. to balance out the “frivolous” read i’m currently reading a heavier book, we’ll see how long i last…

  2. I used to read a lot too in highschool. uni and beyond. Now I too need something really engrossing to keep me going.
    What a great recipe noodle for summer!!! Will definitely make (or some variation anyway). xx

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