strawberries + cream pavlova

Strawberries + Cream Pavlova

it’s finally the hot season
maybe everyone else has experienced it
but for me
it’s reached fever pitch
and finally
the strawberry patches are opening
around these parts
it was a cold thirst around here,
temperatures keeping
the fruit from ripening
or growing
or whatever it is that they do
until they’re fully realized
i feel so behind this season
like it’s a slow grab,
labored breath and all,
just to keep up
and then where to even begin?
what do i do with these
precious jewel hued gems?
oh you know,
something i’ve never tasted before
but forgiving enough in looks
to be passed off as rustic

Strawberries + Cream Pavlova

strawberries + cream pavlova
makes 4 very rustic pavlovas
as inspired by what katie ate & call me cupcake!

note: this is one of the easiest desserts ever. egg whites + sugar whipped into a frenzy and then baked. next time i make this, probably for blueberry season, or peaches, i would cut back on the sugar. use your best judgement, defer to how sweet the berries are already.

6 egg whites, at room temp (though separate them while cold, it’s easier that way)
1 scant cup of sugar (i used raw sugar which has a lovely brown tint to it, if you want your pavlova snow white, use white sugar. also, this is plenty sweet, cut back if you want)
1 tsp white vinegar
1 tsp corn starch

for whipped cream:
1 pint of heavy whipping cream, i used Organic Valley though Natural By Nature would’ve been more ideal. for a dairy free option, use canned full fat coconut milk. the night before serving, put can of coconut milk in fridge. section off just the top fatty portion of the milk
a few tsp of powdered sugar

1 cup of washed & chopped strawberries
lemon zest, optional

preheat oven to 350F, take out middle rack, leaving just the bottom rack.

on parchment paper, measure out how big you want your pavlovas. i used a jar lid as guidance. give the pavlovas space, as they do spread out while baking. flip parchment paper over on cookie sheet, your penciled outline will still be visible. set aside.

in a mixer, whip up the egg whites until foamy at medium speed. slow down the speed a smidge and slowly add in the sugar until fully incorporated. you’ve reached perfection when you can turn the bowl over and nothing slips out. add in the white vinegar + corn starch and gently stir until fully mixed.

if you’re aiming for 4 pavlovas, mentally divide the batter into four and scoop out onto the outlined circles. with a large spoon or off set spatula, spread out the mounds. next time i’ll press down in the middle a little, to provide a good platform for the cream + fruit.

prior to putting in oven, turn it down to 250F. bake pavlovas for 1:15. at no time do you open the oven door. turn off the oven, do not open the oven door. allow the pavlovas to cool down, ideally overnight.

Strawberries + Cream Pavlova

when ready to serve, whip up the cream + powdered sugar.

to assemble:
the way i made this, it can serve 4 people (or 8 if sharing…) but instead, since it’s just me + dw, it serves us, on two different occasions.

first time: lay one pavlova on plate. dollop, generously, with whipped cream. top with sliced strawberries and sprinkle with zest, if using. add to that mess creation, another pavlova. dollop again with whipped cream, topped with sliced strawberries & sprinkle with zest. inhale.

2nd time: just as single serving, layered with whipped cream and strawberries.


Strawberries + Cream Pavlova

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24 thoughts on “strawberries + cream pavlova

  1. Your instructions for the meringues are perfect! My mom taught me to let them sit overnight in the oven — even in always-drizzly damp Oregon, they come out perfectly 🙂 I love the way you shot these! Pavlovas are one of those beautiful messes! I’m so glad strawberry season has found you. I know the feeling of…. the season is so short…. how will I make the most of it…..?!?!?!

  2. This look amazing Lan, love strawberry season. This is something so different for me, pinned to make when we have guests. Very impressive!

  3. Looks so cute and summery! Strawberry tells me it is finally warm out there! It has been so darn cold here too, finally this past weekend is up to high 70s. My bones warmed up nicely 🙂

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