here’s the thing:
i like pretty pictures
i like pretty food
and i live a pretty life
i’m not saying that with rose colored glasses on,
nor am i humble bragging.
i am very grateful for the life i share with dw.

i’ve been blogging since 2008,
i still do not know what i’m doing,
what my point is,
or what i’ll be doing next.
i just know that my beloved is always hungry
and i’m always trying to keep him fed,
one organic bite at a time
and i know i come across as
pretentious as fuck sometimes.
i’m working on it.

in the meantime,
visit awhile.

contact: morestomachblog {at} gmail {dot} com

for more information, head to the FAQ page

unless otherwise noted, all content and images found on this site are my own.
let’s play nice, please don’t steal my images.
if you wish to use any of my images,
please allow me the courtesy of granting permission.

20 thoughts on “about

  1. what a pretty new blog lan! found this on Shanna’s comment section! I used to read you over at the angry asian, and now it’s easier to follow you on wordpress! and i absolutely have fallen in love with your photos. what amazing inspiration!


  2. Hi Lan,
    Did not know you changed the blogs. I have fallen out of blogsphere for a while due to work and school. I am going through some changes as well, do I still continue to write at Ilke’s Kitchen or make my blog something else , as I am changing, the world is changing and my life has been evolving.
    Do let me know when you are in Charlotte area. Would love to catch up. And at least I have your new blog to follow now.

  3. Hi Lan,
    Thank you again for stopping by our blog and for your kind words!
    Every single page on Morestomach is simply lovely… And we’re always after new recipes so we’re happy to have one more inspiration in the kitchen (and also for crochet!!).
    Happy holidays to you and your family! x

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