DIY | scratch off lottery tickets

DIY | scratch offs

they say there’s
50 eskimo words for ‘snow’
that’s a lot of words for
the same damn thing that’s
falling from the sky
and can’t seem to resolve itself
it started snowing back in
and it’s hardly stopped since
i know there are places
up north
out west
the North Pole
that have it waaaay worse
so with that in mind
dw & i thew a party
our first dinner party
and made our guests sit on the floor
one new year’s resolution resoluted
we had vietnamese hot pot
cus that’s what you feed people
to celebrate the year of the horse
and when it’s cold out
and when you want to do as little
cooking as possible
making guests work for their meal
is the best party trick
go ahead,
steal this idea
some more tips:

DIY | scratch offs

have games
if you have friends,
like i do,
who are competitive,
games are good
homemade scratch off lottery tickets
are damn good

how to:
very similar to how i made my
wedding save the dates
under the scratch-off paint
write incredibly assertive
and watch the quibbling that
ensues between said competitive friends
as they scramble to
get the best prizes in the basket
(note: prizes ranged
from homemade blueberry jam
to real lottery tickets)

DIY | scratch offs

we also played two kinds of card games
Peanuts: a wilson family game
that rumor has it
grandmothers were mowed over
to clinch wins
our games entailed
quite a bit of stress,
silent planning,
and entirely too many swear words
a version of Asshole
which also caused

all in all,
it was a success
i’ve been day dreaming
about entertaining
and it all came together so easily

DIY | scratch offs

resources and inspiration:
kitchn | don’t be afraid to rearrange furniture. my friends sat on the floor!
inspired food | always have a plan B. i planned to make fortune cookies but shit did not go right. i had a plan B.
dinners for winners | kinda reverse this post: i made note of dietary restrictions, the sauces were gluten free and we made sure the abode was clean so everyone could make themselves comfortable.


wedding | diy envelopes

DIY Envelopes

as simple as the wedding invites
turned out to be
i had to make them a shape
that normal envelopes don’t come in
oh you know, this girl likes challenges

supplies/how to:
watercolor paper – i didn’t want to use regular paper since the invites themselves were of thicker stock, and plus, i wanted the option of possibly painting on the envelopes
x-acto knife
deconstructed envelope of choice, this is your template
scotch tape
envelope glue
protective board

carefully unglue the envelope of choice that you want to mimic. tape it to the watercolor paper to keep in place. using the ruler to help you keep straight, very carefully cut the shape out.

once the envelope has been cut use the ruler to help with folding. glue along the edges to make the shape of the envelope. i used the remaining scrapes to catch the excess glue. allow to dry completely, a few hours before stuffing the envelopes. to keep it flat i would put a heavy book on top. address accordingly and if you’re feeling it, paint on them. i realize the post office is not the cleanest and the mail goes through various machines and is handled by many people before it reaches its final destination but it does make for a festive and pretty letter.

diy envelopes

wedding | diy watercolor invitations

DIY Watercolor Wedding Invites

i don’t know what inspired me
to make the wedding invitations
when it’s just as easy to shoot off an email
print them out on fancy schmancy paper
and call it a friggin day
but no
i took an online watercoloring class,
a class that i enjoyed
but ultimately did not use any
the techniques i learned
in the finished product
(dw says i like to sign up for things
and then kinda show up
and then deuce out)
maybe that’s why i went balls to the wall
with the diy stuff
to show him that i’m entering this
whole marriage thing
with all my heart

i currently have an infatuation
with billy balls
lucky me they’re just fuzzy balls on a stem
which are easy enough to paint

DIY Watercolor Wedding Invites

supplies/how to (the last 4 items can be purchased at any arts/craft store:
inkjet printer
scissors or paper cutter
watercolor paper – i used Strathmore 400 series cold press watercolor paper

i decided early on that i’m not much for the bulky-tissue-paper-and-confetti-in wedding invitations. for some people it works, for me, that’s just the sound of trees weeping

so, i wanted to keep the information concise and to the point, on a square shaped paper. most important info: date, location and a website with all the other information

dw & i worked on the wording, the location of the wording on the paper, leaving enough room on the left side for me to paint. i think we managed two invites per sheet of paper

i think i chose to ignore what i learned from the online class because i didn’t want to have to worry about color blending. i went with the simple orange-yellow hue with grey stems. i kept it to just 2-3 balls. tip: stenciling might be a good alternative, using colored pencils instead

dry the invites overnight, on a flat surface

all in all, this project took just a weekend to do, 12 hours of which spent for drying

paper & ink

wedding | diy scratch off save the dates

save the date collage

the time is drawing dangerously near
for the next few weeks
i will be posting some crafts,
specifically diy things that
i worked on for the last 6 months
believe me when i tell you that:
it’s easy
it’s affordable
and most importantly
it’s personal

for the photograph used –
a tripod
camera – we used my dslr, but honestly, a p/s would work fine

we chose a sunny day to snap the shot,
it may have taken us 30 minutes
the cellphones were blank, although we
did snap pictures of each other on them

choose a background that is neutral,
in our case, we opted for the brick wall of the condo building next door
and we’re standing on the fire escape
between the two buildings
the sun is at around 2:30pm so it’s not too harsh and not behind us
i stood dw in front of the camera
and had him raise his arm with cell in hand
i focused on the cell
set the timer
ran to stand next to him
10 seconds later, snap
repeat about 10x, or until bored

dw used photoshop to add the pic
of each of us onto the cellphone screen
i decided to go black/white with the photo we used
i used a random postcard making company,
i won’t tell you who, cus i ended up
cussing them out for bad service
you can google it or use a vendor you trust

diy save the date collage

scratch off supplies/how-to:
adapted from soda pop design who got it from martha stewart

packing or clear tape
paint, color of choice
paint brush
dish soap
black felt pen, i used faber-castell PITT artist pen in BLACK, size XS

on the back of the postcard, write up what you want
in my case, i decided to get fancy & do it up in calligraphy
i searched on youtube for tutorials
and then proceeded to doodle all the long day
to practice
stick the tape over the doodles,
make it as smooth as possible,
cus you’re painting over it

to paint, mix the dish soap + paint
(1:2 ratio, dish soap:paint)
paint over the tape,
a few coats will do
make sure the writing is not visible
allow to dry between coats

for postcards it’s difficult
to convey to the receiver that it’s a scratch off
but it was fun to hear from people who
couldn’t figure it out
and those who knew instantly what to do
in a card, a penny or coin can be included
in the envelope and most will know what is up

either way, it was a fun crafty project