homemade thin mint cookies

thin mints

i was never a girl scout. that’s not to say i didn’t want to be. but my grandparents didn’t know what it was, i barely knew what it was and it seemed like an expense that could not be spared.

when i was younger, and living with my grandparents they had a small patch in front of our apartment building, right under the living room window and where the sunshine hit late in the afternoon, that they grew fresh herbs. sometimes i would follow gpa out to water this tiny garden, squatting down on my haunches and watching the droplets meet the earth and soak into the ground.

one day it occurred to me to ask what these leafy greens were called, the leaves of which always graced our dinner table, garnishing various dishes. imagine my surprise when i was told it was actually mint.

in my experience with mint, it came in a chewing gum stick, in the form of double mint gum. i snagged a piece of this herb and tasted it. it tasted nothing like gum. i was sorely disappointed.

i have since grown to like the actual mint, though i do not have a small garden of it to tend to now.

chocolate + mint is a flavor combo that dw loves. he doesn’t like chocolate with fruit (i still shake my head over it) but give him the option of chocolate + mint and anything else, he will always choose the former. for his birthday last year i made him cake, this year, i baked him cookies. twice. i think the first batch was a bust.

second time i muscled my way through it, because i hate roll-out cookies, they suck. but for dw i would endure far more discomfort. the cookies tasted nothing like the leaves, or the gum, but were everything that girl scout thin mint cookies are and more: perfect out of the freezer, but without that chemical aftertaste. plus, he loved them.

Thin Mint Cookies

once again, because he is not lactose intolerant, i kept close to the original recipe.

what’s your favorite kind of cookie?

19 thoughts on “homemade thin mint cookies

  1. Ah ha, so there you are! Or here, rather!
    Love the new digs! And I love these thin mint cookies. (I was never a girl scout either – we should start a club.) 🙂

  2. Lan, your new space is beautiful, your photography stunning, and you make me smile. I have a lot of old memories of mint too, always reminded me of my grandmother’s home in southeast Texas.

  3. mmmmmmm, yummmmmmy ones, i can’t say nothing, all i want is to taste those divine cookies sweets 😀

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