august | 10 hours

it’s Saturday, not a usual publishing day
i actually kinda avoid blogs and
anything related to it on
the Weekend
but i wanted to participate
in the 10 on 10 project
all photos were done on a samsung s3 phone
next month,
if i haven’t gone mad with
wedding dementia
i’ll see about using an actual camera
to play along, go here

august | 10 hours

bike | this is a usual sight in the neighborhood

august | 10 hours

painting | i’m not sure why the shirts were put on backwards

august | 10 hours

drumline | it was like the movie, only live, in the park across the street

august | 10 hours

funnel cake | my day was complete

august | 10 hours

hooker | i need to finish this project before the end of the month

august | 10 hours

innards | the poultry csa has been stretching our cooking imagination this summer

august | 10 hours

purslane | the regular csa though, well, it just means the loveliest of salads for the week

august | 10 hours

dinner | homemade pizza made by my love

august | 10 hours

sunset | in the city, it’s always a wonder

august | 10 hours

dessert | butter pecan ice cream

6 thoughts on “august | 10 hours

  1. Oh that funnel cake looks amazing – yum! I too am a crochet machine at the moment…I have until the end of the week to finish my project! These are lovely pictures and looks like a fantastic day! Thanks for sharing!

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