august | remember

rochester in august

there’s a line in
500 days of summer
that has stayed with me:
(ok, fine there are plenty of
lines from that movie that i still recall)
i just woke up one day and i knew.
(that was out of context, but
bear with me)
all i know is,
where i am right now,
right this second,
i’m fine with it
things that used to bug me,
things that i used to hide,

Pickled Mustard Seeds

things like …

being anti-social:
i used to say i’m just shy
(i think that’s only part of it)
but what it boils down to is:
i don’t like people
it gets messy,
having an online identity is
not really like in Real Life identity
how i behave and talk is similar
but the similarity ends when i get
annoyed/tired/disenchanted/whatever adjective
at someone, i can easily turn off
my computer,
cite bad internet connection
use emoticons to ease a sting
whereas in person
my eyes usually glaze over,
my internal turmoil is written all over my face
and i have been known to get up,
mid-sentence, and leave,
awkwardness be damned
i’m ok that i’m odd like that,
for being introverted
big up to INTJ ISTJ peeps!

veggie bibimbap

resting bitch face:
i have a natural resting bitch face
i don’t say that to make excuses,
or even to boast
i used to get reprimanded for looking mean
which would then turn my face
to astonishment
and predictably to Real Bitch Face
(no one wants that)
i’m ok that that is how my face is
if anyone else is not ok with it,
i’m ok with that too

hummus cakes with asparagus ribbons & coconut yogurt

trashy novels:
i like the stuff
i also like other stuff too
science fiction
young adult
i fall back on the fluff,
especially after a stressful book
or when i’m trying to not think
currently reading this awesomely awful ridiculousness
next: the fall of five (just one more week!)
i’m ok that i’m not big on
jane eyre
sylvia plath
reza aslan

Sour Chicken + Rice Soup

and so, i let it go
like an ocean current
carrying away the sand
from my open palm

in the weeks of this summer
i’ve haunted the internet
for randoms, inspiration
most made their way onto pinterest
here are a few …

asparagus + poached eggs + fried capers

|| just loverly
|| naked cake
|| beautiful, raw iceland
|| a s’mores picnic!
|| these remind me of my beloved gpa
|| truth

photo captions:
pickled mustard seeds – i’ve slathered this in sandwiches, it’s been added to salad dressings. i won’t lie, i’ve had spoonfuls of the stuff as is, it’s that good. i used regular white vinegar, added 5 whole cloves & 3 star anises.
quinoa veggie bibimbap – this has been made a few times, depending on what vegs we picked from the csa, so it varies each time. the sauce though, that’s the key. i adapted this recipe, minus the ground meat & corn syrup, switching out the asian pear for an apple once, and the most recent time, radishes.
hummus cake & asparagus ribbons with coconut yogurt – i veganized this recipe.
sour chicken + rice soup – i don’t remember, i think dw was sick and i made him eat this.
asparagus + poached eggs + fried capers – an adaptation of honestly yum’s recipe. my bff and kindergarten teacher have made this dish multiple times this summer. the fried capers were a revelation.

15 thoughts on “august | remember

  1. Hear, hear! (says an extroversion faker). Though I actually just broke my trashy fiction addiction for a little Jane Eyre re-read, I’ll confess. I got asked to be a pen pal (possibly my ideal social construct) and it put me in the mood. If you and I ever get to meet up for that pizza, we can totally just text from different tables.

  2. YOU would rock that Burberry dress!! And those Iceland photos are incredible.

    I like your new picture with the stripey blue shirt! I totally have resting bitch face, too, and a gal I became friends with later in life told me that in high school she thought I was going to beat her up. REALLY. I’m glad that you embrace what it is that makes you who you are. That is pretty amazing. A lot of people spend their lives thinking they should be the way others want them to be. No way man.

    Bibimbap, yes!! Thanks for sharing that version, sounds killer-good! I always keep gochujang in my fridge.

    (Also re: 500 Day of Summer….. penis. Penis. PENIS!!)

  3. So many beautiful recipes & photos in one post! What a lovely bonus! And, totally get what you mean about how being online personalities sometimes gives us more leeway to hide how we really feel (when in real life it would be impossible to pretend otherwise). Loved, loved, loved the pickled mustard seeds picture! Beautiful photography!! xoxo

  4. I like everything about this- I, too, have a “cranky resting face”, and upon being told, it always makes me actually cranky. Whereas before I was probably just fine and dandy. Also- yes to reading a fluffy book after a big, heavy one. My brain needs to take a breather after a workout, sometimes!

  5. Did you retake the test again? You turned into me? Because you were an ISTJ before. Which is a lot easier than being an INTJ. No one understaaands me.

    There’s nothing wrong with trashy reading. The mind can’t be constantly “on.” It needs a break every once in a while. Which is what lazy summer days are for.

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