vietnamese pickled carrots + daikon

vietnamese pickled carrots + daikon

if you know me at all
you know that i can’t make coffee
to save my life
or dw’s
i laugh when i think i
used to argue,
with nuria about my coffee making skills
to be fair, she’s a coffee
i think she’s been drinking the
stuff since being weened
off the boob

i’m not a fussy person
i don’t require a fancy contraption
to brew my cup
nor do i need the best
i’ve tried measuring the
amount of grounds to water,
it’s usually too strong,
and um. honestly
i’ve been going with the
is the coffee looking super
dark & sludgy?

all this to tell you:
i’m capable of putting
crap in my body,
that i can consume
sub-par tasting stuff
like a champ
and that not everything i make
comes out golden
or perfect

when i started this space i
promised myself that i would show
the good stuff
the bad stuff
and the ok stuff
today it’s the ok stuff
pickled carrots & daikon
is yet another condiment
that’s added to banh mi
to vermicelli noodle bowls
to summer rolls
i made this for a catering
thing i did last month,
my first!,
i used it to accent
banh mi bruschetta

it came out ok
not the best
certainly, not the worst
just not right
which is ok
thank goodness i only
have 3 more jars of the stuff left

again, i adapted this recipe.

yields: 8 8oz jars, serving is about 1/4 of a jar – calories: 53 | total fat: 0.2g | sodium: 484.7mg | total carbs: 12.5g | dietary fiber: 3.3g | sugars: 6.7 | protein: 1.1g

vietnamese pickled carrots + daikon

11 thoughts on “vietnamese pickled carrots + daikon

  1. Are your kitchen cubbards seriously this cute?!

    I have the same mortar and pestle 🙂 I love these pickled goodies. Daikon stinks up something feirce whenever I open a container for lunch in the office, but let ’em complain. DELICIOUS.

    ps, I never measure to make coffee either. This means problems, at times!

    1. yes! i noticed a distinct smell with daikon when we were cutting it up. all i cared about was that it was organic and tasted yum.

      my kitchen cupboards are NOT good looking at all. when i win the lottery i will gut that room & put in proper stuff. in the pic, it’s actually an Ikea hutch … in our living room.

  2. Absolutely my life; last night I made, um, “passable” puled chicken for tacos. Not my best, not my worst, we ate it anyway.
    However, I do make a mean cup of coffee. Probably since I got weaned on it as well 🙂 It just takes practice and bit of obsession. Lol that’s it!

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