coffee chocolate chip ice cream

Coffee Chocolate Chip Ice Cream

i know it’s january
i know that it’s inappropriate
and very unseasonal
to talk about cold treats
like ice cream
i have no excuse
i have just one pic to share,
the lighting is shit
but i just had to tell you about this ice cream:
i’m usually huddled
under a blanket
when i shove spoonfuls
of the stuff in my face
i’m also usually
lamenting that my ass
CANNOT take anymore
if i don’t run soon
and yet
the stuff is here
in january
not july, not even may
when the blush of summer
is creeping
it’s here
and i fear
i will need to run marathons
this year
to keep my ass
a decent size
so dw doesn’t leave me
just kidding
the man is instigator
to all things glutton

here’s to the 2nd day of 2014
freezing our asses off
being pigs happy
and already fucking up our resolutions

coffee chocolate chip ice cream
*note: once you have a solid custard based recipe, play around with the different flavors. i had to use up some yolks i had laying around making this cake, i ended up with 6 yolks but methinks 5 is or even less would be just fine.
*all the other coffee ice cream recipes i looked at made use of powdered/instant espresso which i don’t have and i wasn’t about to go out to buy. again, play with the flavors, if the flavors don’t work out, add chocolate chips, it’ll save the whole concoction.

2 1/2 cups of lactose free half & half, i use organic valley
1/2 cup strong coffee, my mini-keurig contraption only brews 3/4+ cups at a time, so i boiled it down to half cup
1/2 scant cup sugar
6 egg yolks, 5 or even 4 would be fine, i had to use them up or chuck them
1 tsp vanilla, optional
1/2 TBL potato starch, corn starch is fine too
1/2 cup mini chocolate chips, i used enjoy life

brew up your coffee, set aside 1/2 cup, or boil it down for a more intense flavor, set aside.

to make custard, pour 2 cups of half & half into small sauce pan, with the sugar. on low heat stir until sugar is dissolved. add in the coffee, raise to medium-high heat and heat up the liquid to hot, stirring consistently.

in bowl have your yolks ready. with a ladle carefully pour a small amount of the hot liquid onto to the yolks, stirring with a whisk. this is called tempering, to avoid scrambling the yolks. if need to, add another ladle full, again, stirring constantly. pour the warmed yolks into the sauce pan with the rest of the hot half & half, keep stirring on medium heat. you want the liquid to thicken and get all custardy. there are tips/tricks out there to know when the custard is done, i typically stop when i’m tired of stirring and i have other things to do. this works for me, it may not for you.

with remaining 1/2 cup half & half, add in the 1/2 TBL potato starch and vanilla. mix and then add to the custard and stir some more. this will get super thick. remove from heat and allow to cool, preferably a few hours or over night.

when ready to make ice cream, pour into maker and churn according to machine’s specifications. in the last 5 minutes add the chips.

serve right away or allow to harden a smidge in the freezer.


my other ice cream concoctions:
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21 thoughts on “coffee chocolate chip ice cream

  1. Haha I love this post, and its summer here in Australia so perfect weather for ice cream. I also love the low light shot.. Happy 2014 🙂

    1. i should’ve mentioned that maybe using decaf coffee would be best. it never made any difference in my sleep pattern before but now that i’m older, any caffeine after 3pm i can’t fall asleep at my usual time.

  2. Mmmm omg this looks incredible. I’m totally making ice cream too (and posting some in a few days!) so I’m glad I’m not the only one. Our apartment is always pretty toasty to the point of being hot (no complaints here) so I’m still in the mood for ice cream. I’ll have to try a lactose free version one of these days. I’m very mildly lactose intolerant but I just eat ice cream anyway…. Baha fail. Love this and love the one shot, even if the light is shit! I’m struggling myself these days.. Sigh.

    1. i used to ignore my lactose intolerance but comfort is important to me now. it’s an adjustment, and when i score at finding something organic AND lactose free, it’s like winning a medal or something.

  3. Oooh, I feel you on the ass thing. This bloggy business can get super fattening, especially when the craving to test out new cake recipes usurps all sense of reason and health-consciousness. I’m staring down a whole new set of numbers on the scale and promptly ordered Chinese food while preparing the meals for a cleanse this week. I have a feeling Purple House is gonna be bit more kale and less butter in the coming weeks….

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