birthday | peppermint chocolate chip ice cream

Peppermint Chocolate Ice Cream

of all days
i will indulge
in all manner of the word

i’m such a liar
i’ve been indulging all week
every year around this time
i reflect on all that has happened
in the last 365 days
in the last 36 29 36 years


exactly one year ago today
i was so incredibly humbled
when i thought about the grace
i’d been given
i am still awed by it
there is no adequate way for me to express how
grateful i am
so i won’t
to expand on that particular post,
35 random things i’ve done this year,
in no particular order

Peppermint Chocolate Ice Cream

|| got engaged
|| looked for scarlett and avery, but to no avail
|| had the best bo kho, in Nashville of all places. dined there everyday we were there
|| went to my first honky tonk
|| saw the pacific ocean with my beloved
|| read this book
|| picked 22lbs of blueberries
|| catered my very first, and technically only, party
|| planted an illegal rooftop garden. well, dw did. i helped. by watching.
|| finally watched the entire West Wing series, josh lyman is kinda beast
|| witnessed Thunder from Down Under
|| i ran just 2 races. (will rectify in the coming new year)
|| saw Jim Gaffigan, yes, he did talk about hot pockets
|| attended dw’s high school reunion. what.a.trip.
|| we climbed a wall
|| visited a local organic animal farm, i may have informed dw that i wanted to own a pet pig AND chicken
|| compared atl’s aquarium to baltimore’s; we win
|| for 5 whole days i had long lashes
|| practiced twerking, failed
|| painted a picture
|| after 8 years of it, apparently illegally, lost gave up cable
|| saw matt nathanson twice, in one week. hashtag groupie
|| chopped my hair off, like, most of it
|| approved for lasik eye surgery. eek!
|| attended a football game, whereby i went through a whole spectrum of emotions in a span of 2 minutes
|| walked to indiana
|| swam in the bay
|| purchased THREE wedding dresses
|| started using the public library in earnest, using dw’s library card. it’s a long story
|| broke up with Parenthood
|| began a torrid affair with candy crush and ruzzle
|| decided on a new celebrity crush
|| went to a book signing by Tyrese Gibson and Rev. Run. Tyrese is hot in person, Rev. Run not so much
|| received my new social security card with my new name on it. boom.

Peppermint Chocolate Ice Cream

Peppermint Chocolate Chip Ice Cream, lactose free
mashup/inspired by Sprouted Kitchen and David Lebovitz’s Ready for Dessert

*note: i discovered Organic Valley’s LACTOSE FREE half&half and omg. my coffee has never tasted so good. dairy ice cream can now be re-introduced into my life. i’ve made this particular dessert a few times using coconut milk (from the can) and so delicious’s coconut creamer, using various different techniques and always with great results.

Peppermint Chocolate Ice Cream

serves: 8 (though, really i ate the majority of it. oink) calories: 174 | total fat: 4.9g | saturated fat: 2.9g | cholesterol: 4.8g | sodium: 87.5g | total carbs: 30.1g | sugars: 24.4g | protein: 2.9g

24 thoughts on “birthday | peppermint chocolate chip ice cream

  1. Happy Birthday Lan! I hope it was a great day. I really love your 35 things list. That is a great idea. Maybe this year I will make one too, or something similar. Enjoy your ice cream – it looks fab, and has inspired me to try a dairy-free version for my wee one.

  2. What a gorgeous-looking recipe (love the idea of coconut milk in ice cream, by the way!) and thank you for sharing this lovely list with us. Sounds like you had a wonderful year. Happy (belated) birthday!

  3. Happy Belated Birthday, Lan!
    Fabulous list of accomplishments you’ve got there. (Too and we don’t live close to each other!) 😀

    Scrumptious ice cream!

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