january | remember


today’s the last day of the month
which means
it’s the first day
of the Year of the Horse

park bench

may this new year be:


felt … falling snow, wet and hard and unforgiving. this winter has been brutal. 30F has actually felt balmy around these parts.
saw … perfect 20/20 vision. my lasik procedure was a success and while i’m still recuperating, it’s been a revelation to wake up to an in focus world.
reada book! actually, still reading it and i’m serious, i’m about 18% in and my heart is breaking already


a few pinterest & internet discoveries:
||i have a serious thing for tutus and sequins
||i don’t even like camping, but how delightful does this look?
||i have my heart set on making this, even though we’ve been shedding books
||i’m a fan of this solemn man and i need his action figure in my life
||this is magical
||my creative writing professor never gave us this assignment, thank gawd
||i loved this read so so SO MUCH: What’s wrong with me? Plenty. But that was never the point.


photo captions:
||it’s not so much the snow that kills me, it’s the damn cold. it’s like a soul-sucking siege, a state of which i see no end of
||weekends in general means dw makes breakfast. i’m not complaining, the man spoils me rotten
||not seeing these seeds any longer at the markets, meaning the season is over… meaning, winter needs to make her exit now already
||i walked into michael’s for yarn and walked out with these spoons, completely unnecessary
||finally, i signed up for a foodie penpal thing back in november. it happened to fall during a busy time and can i just tell you, seeing a package on my desk after an absence from the office was just what i needed. my penpal Alyssa sent me some trader joe’s ingredients and cookies will be forthcoming, i’ve had an idea floating in my head for the last 3 weeks and it just might be born this weekend… stay tuned. meanwhile, to join the fun, go here


last. i must share this with you. my current celebrity crush is tom hiddleston. i like me a bad boy and he as loke had me quivering. this is him doing a reading of ee cummings’ may i feel said he. swoon

10 thoughts on “january | remember

  1. Tom Hiddleton? Shoot, when you said something about him earlier, I kept thinking of Tom Hardy. He would definitely be my celebrity crush… uhh… Wuthering Heights? Warrior? Hell yes.

    I am loving the sequins!! And that photos series beginning in the snow. I promise your winter will end! It will.

    1. so i have wuthering heights on my netflix queue and been dragging my feet to watch it, because i can’t imagine hardy in a period piece. but hiddleston? i am swooning so hard for him right now, there’s a dork quality to him that is so endearing to me.

      it started snowing again this AM. i am so over it.

      1. i’m kinda embarrassed, but, the only movies i’ve seen Hiddleston in are the Thor & avengers movies, when he’s an evil villain. i like me a bad boy. but, i have been trying to find a way to see him on stage, he’s currently performing in Coriolanus & i’m trying to figure out which theater in the city will be airing it. it’s mainly his off screen antics that have grabbed my attn….

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