pulled pork taco

Pulled Pork

tacos are having a moment in our lives right now
(and it’s not just because i’m featuring a recipe today)
it’s an easy meal to put together
each person gets to choose what goes in and doesn’t
it’s a meal that can repeat
but doesn’t feel repetitious
due to the change in seasonal staples:
shredded cabbage or leafy kale or spicy arugula?
crunchy radish or cooling cukes?
fatty cheese or luxurious avocado?

lime spritz
SOOC shots. dw makes the best hand model


pulled pork
recipe for the preparation of the pork only. the filling/filler is entirely up to you!

*note: we buy our tortillas, chips and salsa at a local mexican restaurant. we purchase our pork from a local farmer, Farmer Steve, who used to do poultry and is now in the pork business.

*note: as stated before, how you stuff/top your tacos is up to you. i’ve seen fruit (think mango) salsa as a topper, you can add cheese (try queso fresco), do a cabbage slaw, but may i suggest stick to the season. whatever is fresh and new at your farmer’s stand is best. what we eat in our tacos in june is different from what our tacos look like in january.

1 bottle of ginger beer (this is flexible, we had a spare bottle in the fridge, beer would’ve been fine, or stock)
4-5 lb fresh ham roast (whatever hunk of pork you want to use), fat trimmed
5-6 cloves of garlic
1 onion rough chopped
3 TBL alton brown’s #19 taco potion

rub pork with the taco seasoning.

put the seasoned pork into the crock pot and fashion the onions and garlic cloves around it.

pour the bottle of ginger beer. (85% of the meat was covered)

cover, set on low and ignore for 4-6 hours.

shred the meat using two forks.

assemble your tacos to your heart’s content!


Pulled Pork

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14 thoughts on “pulled pork taco

  1. Oh my gosh I love these tacos and these incredible photos!! (That lime squeeze GIF — holy gorgeous!) So dreamy, all of it. And wait, have I told you yet that I love this new layout? Am I way behind the times? I love it.

  2. This is gorgeous!!! I need to try tacos again. The previous times, I was kinda meh… But this? I bet this tastes absolutely amazing!!!
    And who can resist that .gif??!!!

  3. These look so great! I love tacos so much, and these look as good as I’ve ever seen a taco. And I have to say, on point with that gif. And your photography is AMAZING!

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