red pepper & baked egg galette

Red Pepper & Baked Egg Galettes

i must tell you:
i’m all laze bones right now
this time of year,
the beginning that is,
is all about fresh gung-ho-ness
for resolution fruition
i’ve got nothing for you
so lemme go ahead
and tell you a few things
and we’ll call it
catching up

|| i’m walking around with glasses on because now that i’m married i don’t have to look cute i’m getting my eyes ready to get lasik surgery’d. i’m shitting myself scared so positive vibes please.
|| a few weeks ago, just before the polar vortex, dw & i sat down and marathoned the Following. the new season begins on the 20th and i’m already pooping myself scared. there’s a lot of scared pooping this month.
|| we finally booked our honeymoon, set for the spring, and I’VE ALREADY DONE CHECKED OUT. there’s still WEEKS till the trip and i’m useless in everything right now.
|| i am mad crocheting for a foodie penpal thing i signed up for way back in November, when i was in the thankful and gift giving mood, and now that it’s time to send stuff, i’m stresssssssed that my stitches suck. this is why i so rarely gift yarn stuff — because of the pressure!
|| our favorite local pho joint is shutting down for TWO MONTHS, to vacation in vietnam for the winter. the fact that winter is the best time to enjoy pho is lost to them; but i really can’t blame them because it’s hot as shit in the motherland. again, why do i not winter in the southern hemisphere?
|| i have been discussing the reasons why i am so not offended by the likes of one Miley Cyrus and how i have been listening to her new song over and over and over again, that i might as well just plop down good money & download her album. update: dw downloaded it for me! party in the USA… i don’t have a good respectable answer, i just know that i’d like to have brunch with her, while telling her that she needs to put her tongue back in her mouth and trim her finger nails.

Red Pepper & Baked Egg Galettes

speaking of brunch
this dish
is from the Jerusalem cookbook
dw gifted to me
last month for my birthday
i caress thumb through it every night
and daydream about the
mediterranean-arab-israeli dishes
i could make for him
it’s his favorite cuisine
whereas it’s something
i’n not that familiar with
the spices
the combinations
the preparation
but despite all that
i’ve managed to make quite a bit
of the recipes already
one i’m still tinkering with
and will hopefully showcase eventually
think chocolate doughy goodness

i won’t write out the recipe,
which you can get here
i will tell you that
in lieu of the sour cream
i used so delicious’s almond milk yogurt,
which i mixed with a splash of lemon juice, garlic & salt&pepper
for the puff pastry, i used pepperidge farm,
which is not organic but is pareve, meaning it’s dairy free

Red Pepper & Baked Egg Galettes

what up with you?

21 thoughts on “red pepper & baked egg galette

  1. I haven’t stopped drooling since I saw your photo of this on Flickr. I need to make friends with this lovely dish. I’m thinking breakfast for dinner soon.

  2. Lasik surgery is a walk in the park – at least that’s what they say (eyeballs, especially my own, make me squeamish). I’m sure you’ll be fine. How cool will it be to see first thing in the morning! I’m okay with Miley too, she’s a lot smarter than I was at that age…

    I just inhaled a bowl of frosted flakes – this galette looks like heaven!

  3. Ohhhh where are you guys going? How fun! We don’t leave for New York til April but it’s already hard for me not to daydream 🙂 Sorry about losing your fave pho for a while and also I did NOT know that more The Following was coming so soon. We are always so behind the television loop! We still have not finished! N and I only have like 48 hours together each week that we usually spend more with friends and less watching tv… so we are behind. AHHHH

    You photographed this so beautifully! I can’t remember what it looks like in the book off the top of my head, that gorgeous book, but I’m pretty sure this is way prettier. Bravo! Looks really delicious, great flavors and textures. DW is one lucky fella, you have been cooking a Jerusalem STORM sister!

      1. i’m really sorry, the video is awful, i should’ve listed a warning or something. and this really does highlight how questionable my music taste is…

        we’re headed to Thailand, back to my high school stomping grounds and i’m ridiculously excited about it.

        and this cookbook is amazing. the recipes are simple, but for me, they are such a revelation. with the exception of the fish dishes (which i’m not a big fan of), i have intentions of making every single recipe. and there are SPLATTERS on some of the pages already, that’s how often i refer to it.

  4. Breaaaathtaking photos! Perfection, honestly!

    I’m a little envious that you get to have your eyeballs zapped with lasers. Every checkup has me hoping for the green light. Good luck!

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