gingerbread house

gingerbread house

you must know about
The Tiny House phenomena?
i talk often about one day
living in a hobbit house,
ideally with a vegetable garden right outside
and maybe mountains out back
until that can happen
i made a tiny house out of gingerbread
and gum.
because movita beaucoup is hosting
ginger 2015
and i wanted to drive my husband
and sister-wife-roomate crazy with my searches
for various gums.
a Tiny House built together ….

gingerbread house

for this year’s contestants, hit up movita beaucoup.
voting is now open and if you are impressed
that my Tiny House,
the abode of my dreams,
is on the cover of
Gingerbread Architect,
please do vote for me.
we’re in Group 6

Gingerbread House

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