september | remember


owl rattle

can you believe?
it’s the end of september
i’m a Mrs!
(thank you so much for putting up with all the wedding
related stuff this month!)
(um. i might have a few more posts,
most likely vendor info, photographs of the actual Day,
and gift ideas for all parties)
(sorry about that)

Blueberry Citrus Scones

oh but this month nearly did me in:

honey soda water

sawtwilight in the country. dw & i roadtripped to southern virginia, i had to work and since it was in the area of my alma mater, i brought him along to see what i saw all those moons ago when i fell in love with the mountains
heardmoos. really. it was enchanting. i could’ve stood in that field for hours watching them
smelled … lavender. rosemary. licorice. my bouquet smelled so beautiful
tasted … red wine. my cup really runneth over with the stuff this month
commenced … crocheting in earnest. this has been on my to-make list forever

blueberry donuts

and of course, a few pinterest treasures:

|| i’m dying to chop my locks but if can’t go full on pixie, i might have to do this
|| this might be my next arty farty project
|| gawd, this entire collection is gorgeous, i wish i could afford dvf
|| it’s cowl season!

soup dumplings

photo captions:
crocheted owl rattle – for a friend’s baby girl this autumn. i really did walk around for days after i completed this project, just shaking the shit out of it. i changed the pattern just a smidge, rather than doing the double crochet stitch, i used single crochet instead. also, i didn’t bother with the wings. i may have used a slightly bigger hook too. i purchased christmas-like bells so it’s not actually a rattler sound, and more like you know, reindeer on your rooftop type of sound.
blueberry citrus scones – i did bake this month, and fed dw breakfast. i swear. i adapted this recipe, from this recipe
sweet honey soda water – dw loves his soda water. i can’t remember what the exact ingredients were but this post has a couple of great options
gluten free blueberry donuts – i know. enough with the blueberries already. and i still have a bag in the freezer to use up. yeah. i don’t have a recipe for these gems. they were good though
soup dumplings (xiao long bao) – they weren’t perfect but i’m glad i tackled this project. now i know for sure to just hit up a dim sum joint for the real stuff. i adapted this recipe

and our unofficial song: love is all i am

tiny, beautiful things

tiny beautiful things

i recently finished
this book
she writes with such
compassion & conviction.
now i’m reading her
other book.
i’m not much for non-fiction
but this,
i can deal.


from all around pinterest:

still looking for a reason to wear this dress :: lawd, i’d love to dine al fresco like this :: this ink is so beautiful :: i have kim chi on my mind :: finally. this country gets it right. One Love :: still dreaming about the shorter locks ::

there was a jaunt to a
free range, naturally fed
livestock ranch
some gathering
some laughing
some water play
some swooning
this is my life.
and i love it.
(you can follow along here)

other things:
a son of a holocaust buys german
oh, my alma mater … no words
i’m not excusing her, but you know, get over it people
no lie, matt nathanson can do no wrong.
bff has an official fb page, she’s making our wedding cakes
as a former yearbook editor, i would not have caught this
saw World War Z, so far, best summer movie
i’m hoping to bust this out soonish

have a wonderful week friends,
enjoy the holiday,
be safe,
be good.

at the beginning

the seed