confab | current reads

nephews - reading time

august is here
summer is almost over

i could cry

let’s talk books

i don’t read as often
as i’d like
and i made the decision
this year that
there are so many, many, many
books & reading materials
out there
that should it not hold my attention
i will dump it.
life is too short
time is too scarce
to muddle through shitty words

currently on my kindle:
Guy in Real Life by Steve Brezenoff
The Goldfinch by Donna Tartt

currently on my bookshelf:
On Such a Full Sea by Chang Rae-Lee
Califia’s Daughter by Leigh Richards (reread. because good books deserve to be read over & over & over again)

1K project
networking for introverts
woman in the rainy season

and you.
what are you reading?

nephews - reading time

12 thoughts on “confab | current reads

  1. Calvin and Hobbes! So adorable.
    I’ve been hip deep in the dystopian weeds this summer and just can’t seem to stop; first Margaret Atwood’s “MaddAddam” trilogy and now Hugh Howey’s “Wool” series.

  2. I cannot understand the hype around The Goldfinch. She could have left out a hundred pages of drug scenes and it would have been a better book. It also tested my “willing suspension of disbelief” to its limit. Let me know what you think.

    1. i don’t find her writing bad, but i do find her ability to keep my attention bad… i will keep on keeping, only because i paid for the book (the library had a HUUUUUUGE waiting list)

  3. I am curious to see what you think of The Goldfinch. I am stuck about a third of the way in and have not made myself read more…so drawn out! Next on my list is California by Edan Lepucki. I am in line for Califia’s Daughter at the library per your suggestion. Looking forward to reading it!

    1. i regret to say that i’ve broken it up with it. my coworker is reading it and she’s giving me the cliff’s notes version.

  4. I LOVE Calvin and Hobbes! I don’t make time for reading….. I seriously don’t know where that time would come from. I spent my entire childhood reading since TV was a no no and I just love books. I guess if it’s important enough I will make time!

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