coconut egg curry

Coconut Egg Curry

incidentally when i think of Indian food
i think of Ethiopia.
when we lived in addis ababa
there were only two restaurants
we frequented:
an italian cafe that boasted
the most impeccable service
and an Indian place
where i had my first ever taste of

Indian food also makes me think
of a Bangladeshi boy who used to leave
me love poems in my locker.
we always ran into him and his family
when we dined at the Indian joint.

since africa
(a place i still dream of)
my experience with Indian food
has been a love/hate battle.
the harmony between spices
and ingredients
perfectly balanced with
rice or
but is just havoc on my system,
particularly if butter or cheese
plays heavily in the dish.

Coconut Egg Curry

this dish, for me,
is a godsend
i love eggs,
in any form
and while it does play a
minor role against the heavy
punches of cardamon and even cinnamon
i am appeased
because hello
Indian food at home is the best

just a note,
i have attempted two different
one from the beautiful Journey Kitchen
that was lovely
but the one i feature today is from playful cooking
which really satiated my cravings

Coconut Egg Curry

also, the recipe calls for
unsweetened coconut flakes
yeah, i couldn’t find the unsweetened
stuff in my pantry
so sweetened went in
it wasn’t cloyingly saccharine
but i would imagine the
dish could do without the
added sugar

just so you know,
again, we lived in Africa for just under
two years, i was only in
8th & 9th grade,
and always heavily chaperoned
on the rare occasions i would
venture out of the compound
i barely remember my time there,
i can only recall the
loveliness of the landscape
the cold climate living in Mt. Entoto‘s shadows
the quiet dignity of ethiopians

Coconut Egg Curry

17 thoughts on “coconut egg curry

  1. This looks absolutely tempting Lan! Indian food is awesome, and made at home is even better! 🙂 How cool is it that you used to live in Africa! were your parents diplomats/ambassadors? (just curious!)

    Have a great week dear!

  2. Gorgeous photos. Oh my god, I don’t think hard-boiled eggs have ever looked so appealing. I love egg curries (with or without coconut milk), but my coconut milk ones are sometimes a lot more sauce-y… I like how yours seems like a slightly drier curry– all about the eggs and spices! Yum.

    1. i really like extra sauce, to sop up with bread or drizzle over rice, but the coconut flakes really soaked up the extra moisture.

  3. we love indian food whether it was made at home or not 😉

    how lucky you were to spend a few years in africa. i’m certain that although you spent most of your time in the compound, your time there certainly added a little color to the tapestry of your personal history.

    1. yes, i like to think that i’m a bit more well rounded and even though at the time i did not like it there, looking back i had the best time.

  4. OH MY. Yes, this speaks to me. I suppose all egg dishes do, but this especially. My sister introduced me to more Mediterranean flavors such as rice with cardamom, onions and clovey chicken. I love it, so much more than I thought possible. So this especially appeals to me. I think my nearby Asian market has fresh curry leaves!

    I love the way you wrote that recipe 🙂 And I loved learning that you lived in Ethiopia. Your use of the word “Compound” makes me think of something restrictedly exotic. Like Lost.

    1. i almost want to say that the curry leaves are optional. they do add a nice background flavor to the dish but it’s very very subtle.
      i can assure you, the compound was nothing like Lost! it was very much like a suburban neighborhood…in africa.

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