crochet | ombre granny square baby blanket

granny square blanket
a super quick post
you probably think we’re not cooking much these days,
what with all the crafty stuff
i’ve been posting lately.
in a way, you’re right
it’s been mainly raw csa salads
and playing with yarn this summer
a baby blanket for a new addition to the group
baby fig made her appearance this week early
my excitement for her existence,
and for fig mama’s venture into mommyhood
is a stark contrast to how i feel about motherhood in general.
no matter.
this bebe will be doted on,
and i already have a Date scheduled with her.
dw has diaper duty though.
the pattern i used was poorly written so i will just link to some granny square patterns i searched for on craftgawker.
if you want to follow along on my yarn adventure, i do have a ravelry account.
are you working on anything crafty, yarn or otherwise?
i’ve got another blanket to complete,
and then it’ll be scarf and cowl season…

crochet | starburst baby blanket

Star Burst Baby Blanket

Star Burst Baby Blanket

Star Burst Baby Blanket

Star Burst Baby Blanket

i say it often
but these days i find myself
deadline crocheting
there is always a project
to start
to complete
i reach for my yarn
and hook by rote
and if i’m not,
i’m searching for a pattern
to get immersed in

despite lamentations
this winter has allowed for much
a pot of soup simmering
dw beside me,
either doing a crossword puzzle
or napping,
my fingers tangled in yarn
sometimes i’ll stop
to stretch overtired wrists
and hands
and fingers
and then back at it
sweat-shop style

this blanket was part of
my contribution for the
baby shower
we had at work this week

for the main color, i used caron’s one pound yarn in cream (or maybe it’s off white…)
for the trim/border, i used bernat’s baby coordinates in baby pink
i used a J-hook

i used this pattern, which was so easy to memorize

fyi: mini elephant pillow is Monsignor Boh Regard Nguyen, made by the lovely wendi of Bon Appetit Hon.

my other crocheted creations:
owl rattle
minecraft skull hats

happy weekend friends!

crochet | minecraft creeper hats

Crocheted Creeper Hats

this weather
this weather!
does anyone else have this problem:
(or is it just me)
(it’s probably just me)
the inability to defrost the car windows
i’ve owned two
vehicles in my life
and i’m the worst at
messing with the various
knobs & buttons
which i think is a
good time to request
a lexus
with ass warmers
cus then waiting for
the windows to defog
would be more bearable

this weather
it’s cold & dreary
it’s sunny & mild
there’s talk of blizzards
and polar vortexes
it’s usually around this time
of year i get fanatical
about taking vitamins
forcing hot broth on poor dw
making him wear socks to bed
(his feet get sooooo cold)
but for all my cautiousness
poor dw is sick
and i’m doing what i can
to get him back to health,
while dodging the illness myself

Crocheted Creeper Hats

now if i could just get him
to wear a scarf
and hat consistently…
we are a one-car household
i drop him off at
the edge of town in the mornings
and he walks the rest of the way
we have a designated place
to meet at the end of the day
he’s left standing around
waiting for my slow driving ass
it’s cold son!
unlike him,
our nephews wear hats
and for xmas this year
i crocheted
Creeper hats for them
i asked for their best
Thug Look
and this is what i got
they’re so flippin adorable
we’re like a really small

Crocheted Creeper Hats

i used this pattern as a guide.

photos used with permission from Jonas Wilson