february | remember


today being the Last Day of Feb
we’re right on the cusp
of Spring
something nothing like it
it being much more bearable one day,
the next being pretty effing awful

i find myself deadline crocheting,
i also doodle in my notebook
listing things to pack for
our upcoming trip
things to buy for/during
our upcoming trip
one of which is potentially
which could be death
of me and my nikon friends
who i keep pestering for their opinions
but they’re all the same
and i haven’t won the lottery yet
so i can’t buy all of them
only one
gawd, the decisions!


felt … omg, the excitement as we countdown till we leave
watcheda movie, with friends, that made me simultaneously laugh & cry inside. i also spent a good portion of the drive home ranting about parents and family and divorce and how fucked up people in general are
drove … for miles. to southern va and i am reminded again of how beautiful the blue ride mountains are
commenced … a juice/smoothy type thing. let’s just say that i adore chewing & leave it at that
swooned … over this book, that is making me love pride&prejudice all over again, despite what twain says about austen

cauliflower rice with roasted tofu & pomegranate relish

a few pinterest and internet discoveries:
||i’d wear this dress everyday
||thinking about this pretty cake for a dear friend’s baby shower this summer
||blueberry season cannot get here fast enough
||i need to make this, and i will, once i get over my crush for her dandan noodles
||i may have gotten teary-eyed over this
||just this
||seriously considering going even shorter!


photo captions:
||the view of muddy gut creek. don’t let the name fool you
||dried flowers, early morn. dear spring: just get here already
||an adaption of this recipe. we’ve made this thrice, once with cilantro instead of mint, another time with paprika instead of chili, yet another time with millet, all times were fabulous. now that pomegranate season is over, i’m wracking my brain for what other relish i can make…
||pickled mango: what am i supposed to do with it? i received it from my foodie penpal this month. he actually sent me a box of random condiments and spices and goodness and that jar of pickled mango has my utmost interest right now, though i don’t rightly know what to do with it. thoughts?

october | remember

October Sky

it’s full on scarf and cowl season
of course i lament my beginner knitting skills
and i daydream about playing with yarn
but sit me down with a hook
and i’m itching to get up to knead dough
that’s how it goes, you know?

witnessed …. at a college job fair the interaction between a potential employer and girl dressed in full on assassin ninja garb, complete with black gloves. i could be wrong, she may have been auditioning for a gwen stefani music video.
touched …. a gypsy who read my palms and told me basically everything a buddhist monk once told me when i was kid.
shook my head at …. this. i despair.
participated …. in the most obnoxious FB status war ever, all in part due to judgement and just plain stubbornness
remained …. enamored with this man, though slightly disappointed that some of his mysterious aura has faded
reenacted …. this video. because dw & i like to dance fight to club music

October Sky

a few pinterest discoveries:
|| i desire just one more tattoo
|| mayhap a snowstorm hits us this winter, and we can create something like this
|| i’ve made this twice already, and it’s amazing, one day i might blog about it
|| finished this book and again, i am in complete awe of this man
|| in the meantime, i’m digging into this book

October Sky

photo captions:
an old school vw bus. it makes me think of woodstock, especially out in the field that we were at. minus the mud & pot
october sky in north carolina
a late day in our home, the light, oh the light

October Sky

october | 10 hours

october has come in
with rain on her heels
there is no complaint from me,
we’ve needed it here around these parts
the temperatures have sufficiently
lowered to the appropriate season
and i’ve got soups and stews
and oven worthy concoctions
on my mind
after spending just a benjamin
on our wedding flowers
i’m now turned on to the idea of
purchasing a bouquet from the farmer’s market
every week
to remind us of the living
while most everything else
goes into decline
and fades
here’s to the 10th month

this is the 10 on 10 project
to participate, go here

October | 10 hours

painting | our wedding guest book is now hanging in the living room & it’s a fabulous view

October | 10 hours

view | speaking of views: on clear nights we can hear and see the crowds during ravens’ games

October | 10 hours

trees | soon these trees will be bare

October | 10 hours

raindrops | it’s been a steady rain today

October | 10 hours

dry | drying flowers from my wedding bouquet

October | 10 hours

seeds | about to roast up some butternut squash seeds for dinner

October | 10 hours

gift | a coffee cup and saucer set

October | 10 hours

process | the whole food photography set up can be exhausting sometimes

October | 10 hours

flowers | almost two weeks later and our wedding flowers still look so good

October | 10 hours
end | the end of day looks like this

august | remember

rochester in august

there’s a line in
500 days of summer
that has stayed with me:
(ok, fine there are plenty of
lines from that movie that i still recall)
i just woke up one day and i knew.
(that was out of context, but
bear with me)
all i know is,
where i am right now,
right this second,
i’m fine with it
things that used to bug me,
things that i used to hide,

Pickled Mustard Seeds

things like …

being anti-social:
i used to say i’m just shy
(i think that’s only part of it)
but what it boils down to is:
i don’t like people
it gets messy,
having an online identity is
not really like in Real Life identity
how i behave and talk is similar
but the similarity ends when i get
annoyed/tired/disenchanted/whatever adjective
at someone, i can easily turn off
my computer,
cite bad internet connection
use emoticons to ease a sting
whereas in person
my eyes usually glaze over,
my internal turmoil is written all over my face
and i have been known to get up,
mid-sentence, and leave,
awkwardness be damned
i’m ok that i’m odd like that,
for being introverted
big up to INTJ ISTJ peeps!

veggie bibimbap

resting bitch face:
i have a natural resting bitch face
i don’t say that to make excuses,
or even to boast
i used to get reprimanded for looking mean
which would then turn my face
to astonishment
and predictably to Real Bitch Face
(no one wants that)
i’m ok that that is how my face is
if anyone else is not ok with it,
i’m ok with that too

hummus cakes with asparagus ribbons & coconut yogurt

trashy novels:
i like the stuff
i also like other stuff too
science fiction
young adult
i fall back on the fluff,
especially after a stressful book
or when i’m trying to not think
currently reading this awesomely awful ridiculousness
next: the fall of five (just one more week!)
i’m ok that i’m not big on
jane eyre
sylvia plath
reza aslan

Sour Chicken + Rice Soup

and so, i let it go
like an ocean current
carrying away the sand
from my open palm

in the weeks of this summer
i’ve haunted the internet
for randoms, inspiration
most made their way onto pinterest
here are a few …

asparagus + poached eggs + fried capers

|| just loverly
|| naked cake
|| beautiful, raw iceland
|| a s’mores picnic!
|| these remind me of my beloved gpa
|| truth

photo captions:
pickled mustard seeds – i’ve slathered this in sandwiches, it’s been added to salad dressings. i won’t lie, i’ve had spoonfuls of the stuff as is, it’s that good. i used regular white vinegar, added 5 whole cloves & 3 star anises.
quinoa veggie bibimbap – this has been made a few times, depending on what vegs we picked from the csa, so it varies each time. the sauce though, that’s the key. i adapted this recipe, minus the ground meat & corn syrup, switching out the asian pear for an apple once, and the most recent time, radishes.
hummus cake & asparagus ribbons with coconut yogurt – i veganized this recipe.
sour chicken + rice soup – i don’t remember, i think dw was sick and i made him eat this.
asparagus + poached eggs + fried capers – an adaptation of honestly yum’s recipe. my bff and kindergarten teacher have made this dish multiple times this summer. the fried capers were a revelation.

august | 10 hours

it’s Saturday, not a usual publishing day
i actually kinda avoid blogs and
anything related to it on
the Weekend
but i wanted to participate
in the 10 on 10 project
all photos were done on a samsung s3 phone
next month,
if i haven’t gone mad with
wedding dementia
i’ll see about using an actual camera
to play along, go here

august | 10 hours

bike | this is a usual sight in the neighborhood

august | 10 hours

painting | i’m not sure why the shirts were put on backwards

august | 10 hours

drumline | it was like the movie, only live, in the park across the street

august | 10 hours

funnel cake | my day was complete

august | 10 hours

hooker | i need to finish this project before the end of the month

august | 10 hours

innards | the poultry csa has been stretching our cooking imagination this summer

august | 10 hours

purslane | the regular csa though, well, it just means the loveliest of salads for the week

august | 10 hours

dinner | homemade pizza made by my love

august | 10 hours

sunset | in the city, it’s always a wonder

august | 10 hours

dessert | butter pecan ice cream