birthday | peppermint chocolate chip ice cream

Peppermint Chocolate Ice Cream

of all days
i will indulge
in all manner of the word

i’m such a liar
i’ve been indulging all week
every year around this time
i reflect on all that has happened
in the last 365 days
in the last 36 29 36 years


exactly one year ago today
i was so incredibly humbled
when i thought about the grace
i’d been given
i am still awed by it
there is no adequate way for me to express how
grateful i am
so i won’t
to expand on that particular post,
35 random things i’ve done this year,
in no particular order

Peppermint Chocolate Ice Cream

|| got engaged
|| looked for scarlett and avery, but to no avail
|| had the best bo kho, in Nashville of all places. dined there everyday we were there
|| went to my first honky tonk
|| saw the pacific ocean with my beloved
|| read this book
|| picked 22lbs of blueberries
|| catered my very first, and technically only, party
|| planted an illegal rooftop garden. well, dw did. i helped. by watching.
|| finally watched the entire West Wing series, josh lyman is kinda beast
|| witnessed Thunder from Down Under
|| i ran just 2 races. (will rectify in the coming new year)
|| saw Jim Gaffigan, yes, he did talk about hot pockets
|| attended dw’s high school reunion. what.a.trip.
|| we climbed a wall
|| visited a local organic animal farm, i may have informed dw that i wanted to own a pet pig AND chicken
|| compared atl’s aquarium to baltimore’s; we win
|| for 5 whole days i had long lashes
|| practiced twerking, failed
|| painted a picture
|| after 8 years of it, apparently illegally, lost gave up cable
|| saw matt nathanson twice, in one week. hashtag groupie
|| chopped my hair off, like, most of it
|| approved for lasik eye surgery. eek!
|| attended a football game, whereby i went through a whole spectrum of emotions in a span of 2 minutes
|| walked to indiana
|| swam in the bay
|| purchased THREE wedding dresses
|| started using the public library in earnest, using dw’s library card. it’s a long story
|| broke up with Parenthood
|| began a torrid affair with candy crush and ruzzle
|| decided on a new celebrity crush
|| went to a book signing by Tyrese Gibson and Rev. Run. Tyrese is hot in person, Rev. Run not so much
|| received my new social security card with my new name on it. boom.

Peppermint Chocolate Ice Cream

Peppermint Chocolate Chip Ice Cream, lactose free
mashup/inspired by Sprouted Kitchen and David Lebovitz’s Ready for Dessert

*note: i discovered Organic Valley’s LACTOSE FREE half&half and omg. my coffee has never tasted so good. dairy ice cream can now be re-introduced into my life. i’ve made this particular dessert a few times using coconut milk (from the can) and so delicious’s coconut creamer, using various different techniques and always with great results.

Peppermint Chocolate Ice Cream

serves: 8 (though, really i ate the majority of it. oink) calories: 174 | total fat: 4.9g | saturated fat: 2.9g | cholesterol: 4.8g | sodium: 87.5g | total carbs: 30.1g | sugars: 24.4g | protein: 2.9g

november | remember


know that feeling
where you have to much to do
the to-do list is long,
you’re not crossing things out,
instead you keep adding
and what you end up doing is
taking a 3 hour nap?

felt … the crunch of leaves underfoot. autumn is on her way out, leaving behind a fading trail of yellows, reds and oranges
smelled … paint. we’re working on a craft project that i am excited to share with you, eventually
touched … yarn. i’ve been busy busy crocheting my fingers off
heard … a reading. do not go gentle into that good night!
saw … an overturned vehicle on the way to work this week. be careful out there people, get there in one piece, the turkey will hold till you arrive

wedding cake - NC

a few pinterest & internet discoveries:
|| organization is not my forte but if i could just get my shit together, i’d make this
|| you guys. tutu + sweater tights? mind exploded
|| this pumpkin soup + coconut panna cotta: yes please
|| this rosemary laced buttercream piques my interest
|| i am so in love with this vintage campaign desk
|| my high school, in thailand, aerial view
|| last, if you’re not already tired of hearing about our wedding, our photographer posted a few more pix

wedding cake - KY

photo captions:
on a very quick trip to NC to visit the bff and this guy, she made a tiny replica of our wedding cake, this time sans the dairy doom. it’s now safe in our freezer
then a few weeks later we visited with dw’s family in Louisville and i made the same cake for the family gathering, this is the recipe that i always use for for sure results. picture taken by my brother in law Jonas Wilson, used with permission, but with my edit
finally, pulled pork tacos. so good. recipe: 2 lb pork shoulder + 1 bottle ginger ale + salt & pepper + 1 onion sliced + a few cloves of garlic in crockpot for 12 hours on low = sweet tender pork. thanks erin w.

pulled pork taco

meanwhile: hello december!

october | remember

October Sky

it’s full on scarf and cowl season
of course i lament my beginner knitting skills
and i daydream about playing with yarn
but sit me down with a hook
and i’m itching to get up to knead dough
that’s how it goes, you know?

witnessed …. at a college job fair the interaction between a potential employer and girl dressed in full on assassin ninja garb, complete with black gloves. i could be wrong, she may have been auditioning for a gwen stefani music video.
touched …. a gypsy who read my palms and told me basically everything a buddhist monk once told me when i was kid.
shook my head at …. this. i despair.
participated …. in the most obnoxious FB status war ever, all in part due to judgement and just plain stubbornness
remained …. enamored with this man, though slightly disappointed that some of his mysterious aura has faded
reenacted …. this video. because dw & i like to dance fight to club music

October Sky

a few pinterest discoveries:
|| i desire just one more tattoo
|| mayhap a snowstorm hits us this winter, and we can create something like this
|| i’ve made this twice already, and it’s amazing, one day i might blog about it
|| finished this book and again, i am in complete awe of this man
|| in the meantime, i’m digging into this book

October Sky

photo captions:
an old school vw bus. it makes me think of woodstock, especially out in the field that we were at. minus the mud & pot
october sky in north carolina
a late day in our home, the light, oh the light

October Sky

wedding | redamancy day


redamancy – (red-uh-muhn–see) (n) the act of loving the one who loves you,
a love returned in full

3+ weeks ago
my beloved & i stood in
front of our loves
and committed to One Love

it was a warm september day
approximately 961 days after we first met
after 271 days of planning
and i was sweating like a whore in church

it went exactly like i thought it would:
a blur
but in today’s post i will slow it down
include our top priorities,
what we had to have
what we were willing to let go of
and everything in between




we chose this venue because of their responsible relationship with food and local sustainability, but also noteworthy: their impeccable service and attention to detail. it is one of dw’s all time favorite restaurants and i have always loved this area of the city.




initially, we were going to have my best friend Kelcy bake our cake but due to some new MD laws, we had to use their in-house pastry chef who created this very simple cake. it is dairy doom laden, but she was kind enough to make a small dairy free treat on the side.


our guestbook is now hanging in our living room. if you’re interested in having one done for your event, you can reach out to me & i’ll put you in touch with Stephanie A.


i purchased our bouquets, boutonnieres & flowers from a booth at our farmer’s market. i’m part of a local food group on google and she posted something about her new flower garden and well, i loved her inclusion of herbs. i was sold & i never even met her. our correspondence was all via text and email. on day of, núria’s husband picked up the flowers for me.


núria read a poem by hafiz, translated by daniel ladinsky:
our union is like this:
you feel cold, so i reach for a blanket to cover our shivering feet
a hunger comes into your body, so i run to my garden and start digging potatoes
you asked for a few words of comfort and guidance, and i quickly kneel by your side offering you a whole book as a gift
you ache with loneliness one night so much you weep, and i say here is a rope, tie it around me, i will be your companion for life


we practically whispered our vows. and i have an ugly cry face which is why i’m not sharing it. just being real here.


dw purchased my engagement ring from a local jewelry store in the city. i was out of town, at last year’s mixed con and 2 months later, on new year’s day, at 2am, he proposed. PS. i like the color red and the two rubies on the side are a tribute to that fondness.

photos courtesy of luke eshleman & used with permission

reception venue: woodberry kitchen | ceremony location: clipper mill | photography: luke eshleman | bridal gown: bhldn (purchased 6 days prior!) | bridal shoes: bcbg (super old) | groom’s suit & shoes: jos. a. banks | bridewench gowns: bhldn & etsy | hair: tricho studio | make up: mac studio | rings: samuelson’s | florals: the hillen homestead | bride & bridwench necklaces: elephantine

october | 10 hours

october has come in
with rain on her heels
there is no complaint from me,
we’ve needed it here around these parts
the temperatures have sufficiently
lowered to the appropriate season
and i’ve got soups and stews
and oven worthy concoctions
on my mind
after spending just a benjamin
on our wedding flowers
i’m now turned on to the idea of
purchasing a bouquet from the farmer’s market
every week
to remind us of the living
while most everything else
goes into decline
and fades
here’s to the 10th month

this is the 10 on 10 project
to participate, go here

October | 10 hours

painting | our wedding guest book is now hanging in the living room & it’s a fabulous view

October | 10 hours

view | speaking of views: on clear nights we can hear and see the crowds during ravens’ games

October | 10 hours

trees | soon these trees will be bare

October | 10 hours

raindrops | it’s been a steady rain today

October | 10 hours

dry | drying flowers from my wedding bouquet

October | 10 hours

seeds | about to roast up some butternut squash seeds for dinner

October | 10 hours

gift | a coffee cup and saucer set

October | 10 hours

process | the whole food photography set up can be exhausting sometimes

October | 10 hours

flowers | almost two weeks later and our wedding flowers still look so good

October | 10 hours
end | the end of day looks like this