chocolate + coconut macaroons

Chocolate + Coconut Macaroons

you guys.
it’s August.
which means Summer is drawing to a close
school starts in a few weeks,
and the traffic jams will return
it means that before you know it
it’s September,
it’s Autumn,
it’s mustard yellows
and tweed
and cowls
and of course, for me + dw,
it means our Union

i confess that this post will not be
the funnest
it might even come off as whiny
but i’m tired
that’s it,
i’m just feeling fatigued
what should be so simple,
so incredibly easy,
is kinda turning out to be a downer
there is always 2yen dispensed
advice doled out
and the worst —
oh the worst
everyone else’s expectations & requests
(i could never make it as a customer service representative)

so, for now i am wallowing
it’s an immature indulgence, i know
but it’s all i am capable of right now
but when i get back, people:
Zero. Fucks. Given.
Chocolate + Coconut Macaroons

chocolate + coconut macaroons
adapted from the Splendid Table’s How to Eat Supper by Lynne Rossetto Kasper & Sally Swift
yields 13 heaping TBL-sized cookies, or 39 small tsp-sized cookies

*note: dw & i like to have dessert after dinner and well i needed a really quick, one dirty bowl sweet recipe. this was it. i previously made coconut macaroons that used only egg whites. this recipe, thankfully, let me use the whole dang thing and it came out just lovely.

2 large, organic eggs
1/4 cup organic sugar
generous pinch of salt
1 estimated tsp vanilla extract
2 2/3 cup unsweetened shredded coconut flakes
1/3 cup sweetened shredded coconut flakes
chocolate melt, amount per your discretion

preheat oven to 350F

prepare cookie sheet with parchment paper

in mixing bowl mix everything, except for the chocolate. you’re not aiming for a batter, it’s more like clumps of moistened coconut.

form macaroons as you want, into balls, or drop them via tablespoon on sheet. bake for 25 minutes, until golden brown.

transfer to rack to cool.

when cool, dip in melted dairy free chocolate, and drizzle over top. allow to cool.

serving size: 1 large cookie or 3 smaller cookies – calories: 522 | total fat: 28g | cholesterol: 124mg | sodium: 290.4 | total carbs: 62.9 | dietary fiber: 7.9g | sugars: 50.8 | protein: 6.9g

who else has made coconut macaroons?
felicia of dish by dish, pyramid shaped!
wendi of bon appetit hon, with egg whites only
shanna of food loves writing, lemon almond coconut macaroons

26 thoughts on “chocolate + coconut macaroons

  1. You poor dear. I am sorry! I found that wedding planning brought out the worst in everyone around me. Which brought out the tears in me. A day that is all about YOU becomes, like you said, all about everyone else’s expectations. I encourage you to stick to your guns, make it your day. To not forget why it’s really really happening — because you love dw. And that’s all that matters! It’s also good to allow some wallowing (and wine) (or whine). Home stretch girlfriend!!

    These look so good! Reminds me of the macarons my mother used to bake.

    1. sophie, it’s an eye opener for sure, education and for me, i wish i had known about all this before so that i could’ve been a better bridesmaid/person/guest/whoever when my peers were going through the process themselves.

  2. Oh no; I’m sorry you have so much wedding planning stress! I will be in your shoes at this time next year, since Paula and I are thinking of getting married next Sept. (and the stress about choosing a location has already begun!). But remember to consider yourself lucky for two reasons: 1) you are getting married to someone you love, 2) you get to eat those macaroons! 🙂

    1. dixya, you’re sweet, thank you.
      the inclusion of the yolks in this recipe certainly makes for less stress of figuring out what to do with them. like i could handle another obstacle in my life right now!

  3. this is why we just up and married. no fanfare. no ceremony. just a judge and her two assistants. best decision i’ve ever made.

    btw, i could eat the hell out of those chocolate covered macaroons and not feel a shred of guilt.

  4. oh, oh oh! Hang in there girl! you can get it done. plus, really no reason to get all worked up over 1 single day, when really, you & dw have already got it prepared for the marriage in the long run. plus, these macaroons looks amazing & easy! Have bookmarked it already! Big hug, felicia

      1. btw, i made these amazing coconut macaroons last night! Without the chocolate though, and in the form of drop cookies! They were so awesome! Should be up on my blog sometime next week! Will let you know! and definitely linking back to this post! ❤

      2. felicia,
        wow! i’m so happy you made these and like ’em. i’m very much looking fwd to seeing your interpretation next week.

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