popcorn - blueridge blends

today we are four days deep into August.
at last count, since may,
we’ve been to the movies 10 times
actually, 11,
we saw Jurassic World twice, with the nephews.
oh wait.
i saw Pitch Perfect with the girls
sans dw.
so we like going to the cinema
me more than dw,
but he really likes popcorn.
thrice while on vacation
he went to the island theater to get popcorn,
but didn’t stay for the show.

it makes sense that we make it at home
i can’t say that i care for popcorn
but damn if i don’t reach for a few handfuls.

dw’s method is straight forward
he keeps it quick, five minutes tops.
he lightly salts it
and when we’re feeling fancy
he might do kettle corn
if i’m feeling fancy,
i might make vegan coconut caramel
to drizzle on top.

this latest version
is simple to the point
and so delicious.


popcorn – dw style

1/2 cup kernels (organic arrowhead mills)
2 TBL canola oil (or anything neutral with high smoke point, like grapeseed or sunflower seed)
generous pinch of saera’s seasoning salt, regular salt is fine but this seasoning has bite to it

pop on stovetop in a whirly pop.

heat up oil at medium temp, throw in a few kernels & wait for them to pop.
that’s when the oil is hot enough.
add the rest of the kernels and shake to coat.
crank the hand crank and let it happen.

this shouldn’t take more than 5 minutes, cold pan to fully popped and done.

sprinkle with blueridge blends’ saera’s seasoning salt to your heart’s content.

this post is sponsored by blueridge blends. all opinions are my own.

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