crochet | granny stripe afghan

baby blanket

my stash of crochet hooks were left neglected,
so much time passed
that i started purging
most of my yarn.
then the unexpected announcement
of a late in life bebe
and i took my hooks out of retirement.
a worthwhile reason,

i used this pattern,
which i was NOT a fan of.

baby blanket

happy october friends,
what have you been up to?

baby blanket

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8 thoughts on “crochet | granny stripe afghan

  1. Usually I’m a color-color-color person but I’m loving the neutrals here versus the original pattern–I think it’s the nice contrast you use that makes it both visually interesting as well as nice and comforting.

    1. I agree, really loving the neutral colors here, I think they work very well with the pattern boo, nice going!
      Wasn’t sure on the bebe part – are you expecting or someone else?
      Asking for me 😀

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