blueberry swirl + coconut macaroons

Blueberry Swirl Macaroons

“Mr. McDowell. Sir, I was wondering, did you happen to catch the professional football contest on television last night? Oh it was most exhilarating. The Giants of New York took on the Packers of Green Bay, and in the end the Giants triumphed by kicking an oblong ball made of pig skin through a big H. It was a most gripping victory.” – Coming to America

i get the basics of football,
what i don’t get,
i fake.
or ignore.
or if i’m feeling curious,
i ask what’s going on.
dw & i are casual ravens fans.
not rabid.
or biggest.
we know that if the ravens do well
then the city does well.
it also means the majority
of our friends will be nicer,
and our FB feeds aren’t
dotted with bad words.

these blueberry speckled macaroons
aren’t really seasonal.
they’re leftover blueberries
i froze right at peak,
saved for special occasions,
like watching our purple team
with friends,
who instead dotted our afternoon
with bad words.

Blueberry Swirl Macaroons

blueberry swirl + coconut macaroons
adapted from my chocolate + coconut macaroons, which was adapted from the Splendid Table

*note: any bright hued berries will do, the more vibrant the color, the better. truth be told, sans berries and the end result is still delightful. in the original post, i used just one bowl. in this reincarnation, i dirtied the food processor set and an ice cream scooper.
**note: i have to painfully but truthfully admit, this isn’t an original recipe. it was inspired by things we make who adapted it from a resource i cannot bear to mention. it makes use of egg whites and raspberries and almond extract. un gamine dans la cuisine recently made a blueberry version, too.
***note: i only used sweetened shredded coconut flakes because that’s what i had on hand. typically i like to use a mix of sweet & unsweetened. keep in mind, if unsweetened flakes are used, sugar may need to be added. use your best judgement.

2 large eggs
3 cups sweetened shredded coconut flakes
generous pinch of salt
good squeeze of half a lemon
zest of lemon, amount at your discretion
1 scant cup of thawed blueberries, give or take
if mixture seems a bit wet, add up to 1/3 cup almond or coconut flour. use your best judgement*

preheat oven to 350F.

in a food processor and whiz to break the flakes down a bit. if you need to, scrape down the sides. add in the zest & lemon juice and pulse to distribute the citrus love. scrape. add in the eggs, one at a time, whizzing and scraping in between.

scrape one last time.

now this is where it gets tricky. this is just an aesthetic thing but the goal is to have streaks of blue & white, so you’re not aiming to pulverize the berries and integrate them into the coconut flake mixture.

add in the berries, pulse a handful of times, just enough to break the berries, you want to stain the mixture, not dye it.

scoop with an ice cream scoop onto parchment papered cookie sheet.

bake for 25 minutes, until golden brown.

allow to cool on wire rack.


Blueberry Swirl Macaroons

my other blueberry treats:
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Blueberry Swirl Macaroons

16 thoughts on “blueberry swirl + coconut macaroons

  1. Intriguing recipe, photos and words – as always Lan! I’ve never seen blueberry macaroons before, but the thought of blueberry, coconut and lemon is pretty mouthwatering. Cute photo of the cute macaroon on the cute little stand 🙂

    1. thank you! the combination of lemon and blueberry is a favorite and the coconut binds everything together.

  2. I don’t like watching American football and I do not care who wins or loses (THE football, though, another story 🙂 ). Sorry your afternoon had bad words but you should have just put these beauties in their months as soon as they open them 🙂 They would not dare to spell out those words:)

  3. It’s so true, I only concern myself with football because it affects my husband’s mood so dramatically. I’ve noticed that good food can sometimes buffer a pathetic loss, so perhaps I should make some of these for the next game day…they look so yummy Lan!

    1. thanks Bonnie. seriously, they made for great solace during the loss, but even better for breakfast the next day, with coffee.

  4. Sorry about your dotted bad words friends! Awww. I wish I understood football, it almost seems like a relevant life skill. Recently we were watching this tv show where a girl character was trying to become friends with a guy and was watching sports with him even though she thought it was so boring. I was like “GAH just tell him you don’t like watching football!!” And Nathan was like “…..they’re watching basketball.” So….. anyway.

    These babies are just beautiful! You are the blueberry queen!

    1. it really was a great time spent with friends. it’s always a bummer when a fave team doesn’t do well.
      dw is the blueberry fan and as i am his biggest fan, blueberries are always around in some form. 🙂

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